The crochet handbags don’t go out of fashion and this amazing model and another version that will make you passionate, I always say that everything done in crochet is done with lots of love, lots of passion and that’s exactly how I made this piece.

    The cool thing about this is that it is very social, you can use to abuse the looks that is extremely beautiful, I loved producing, it took about 15 days to do, but I believe that with dedication you could produce in less time.

    The model looks like a bag, but worked in manual stitches, is extremely delicate and romantic, perfect for day outs, social places is a very versatile bag.

    Speaking of entrepreneurship, scholarships like these are really worth investing time in learning and putting on display in your atelier, because in fact it will go out and sell a lot.

    Another cool thing about artisanal entrepreneurship is the possibility of  us creating and recreating many and many amazing pieces, this bag is beautiful, easy and simple to make.

    I didn’t find the point of fact complicated, at least I had no difficulty and I’m already thinking about recreating other beautiful models like this one.

    So be an excellent marketer, make a piece, invest your time in making beautiful images and disclose, the more you sell your fish, the more customers you will have.

    The cool thing about this branch is in fact the possibility of growth, the possibility of producing many, many pieces, with low investment.

    Crochet is a branch of investment, reasonable, low, you don’t need high investment to begin with, so get your hands on it and start today.

    Do you know how I worked?

    During the day it was difficult because I had a thousand things to do is a 02 year old to take count, waited for him to sleep and kept crocheting the night.

    I spent nights and nights learning how to crochet, what motivated me the most was the act of learning, of making different stitches, different points and so I was learning.

    Today I can make several and several models, with my eyes closed, I love to make kitchen and bathroom games, in my atelier is an item that sells well.

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    So do a search in your region, invest in models and parts of fast production, after all you must have a good turn to produce and sell, this will motivate you to make more and more pieces.

    I invite you to know better my site, especially being is a beginner artisan, this will help you and a lot to grow in the business, I myself start the years ago following tutorials and I indicate to all people who are in the same boat as me.

    You will learn and will appreciate amazing templates, let’s leave subject and learn another wonderful tutorial, where image credits is content and intended for the official standard site that you will check information about it by clicking here.