Each piece of crochet  has its charm, today’s tutorial is very delicate, fun, decorative and inviting to leave anywhere in your home elegant, beautiful and very sophisticated.

    Crochet itself  is a craft that exudes a lot of delicacy, charm and sophistication. The blankets are pieces present in history for a long time, it is very worth investing your time and further improving this perfection.

    Of course I put my hand in the work and started to do mine, the idea is that it is exposed on my couch, I found this model very cute, I have done it for almost a week, because I want it a little bigger than recommended in the tutorial.

    Colorful crochet blanket
    Colorful crochet blanket

    It is indeed amazing, I believe that in another week I will finish mine, I want to share with you the experience I am having about this model, I found it easy, the point after learning it goes from start to finish without difficulty, the coolest is also the versatility that the model proposes to me, I can invest the same point to recreate other pieces.

    I found this a maximum, in fact it is something that will enrich my work, because I do the tutorial I learn and do other things with the same point.

    I am currently investing in learning through tutorials, I was without creativity and of course I only bring to the site tutorials that I know to be references, the wonderful designs that create certain models are really worthy of verification.

    Another interesting thing about crochet  are the possibilities, as I always say that needle and yarn art can be transformed into other things, this delights me.

    If you’re just getting started, I tell you with all authority that crochet can provide you with a major income, I don’t even say extra, because I’m sure a lot of people here want to become their own bosses and want to invest their time in it, it’s just a matter of focusing and pointing in the direction.

    If you want to have crochet as the main income, focus and devote yourself, practice that will lead you to perfection, we are living a very chaotic moment in the economy because of COVID-19, then it must be reinvented, make the most of it to learn and bring to market things that really revolve well and involve you, this is where you should invest your time.

    Stop having crochet  in your life as a hobby and really learn how to become your own boss.

    Also, if you’ve been going through hard times and you don’t know what to crochet it can become an occupation that will provide you with therapy, even when I take to follow the tutorials and study the steps to take to see me in another world, forget the world, bring me peace to mind and left me more relaxed about everything.

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    So, if you happen to come to my site and are unemployed, learn a new opportunity today, see crochet as a profession over time, slowly build your customer base and receive many, many orders.

    Find out what will depend only on you, so as always my site brings more news, see another amazing tutorial where all the credits of the image and also the step by step are intended for the official website, clicking here.

    Colorful crochet blanket
    Colorful crochet blanket