Hello crocheters, all right? Today’s tutorial is beautiful and cute, perfect for a beach outing or even anywhere else that has a beautiful sun, the composition blends perfectly with a bikini also worked in crochet and looks beautiful in any body type.

    I really like to bring tutorials like this, because they are extremely easy and it will hardly take you time, i.e., I started making a short of this for my person and in less than a week finish the whole piece, it was super worth it and I was in fact in love with the result.

    Of course, as an excellent marketer, dress my model and took pictures for the atelier, I already have about 4 orders and decided to share with you, because I’m sure this is a successful piece of sales.

    I like to see crochet as a successful venture, because in fact my horizons broadened long after I started playing amazing tutorials like this.

    Do not think that it was easy, at first, I had the same difficulties as you, which made me move forward, was exactly the desire to learn, today after all this time I can reproduce pieces as much as incredible as this.

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    It was super worth every day of lost sleep, every night running and learning through tutorials, today I have recognition and do crochet with my eyes closed.

    The fact that I share all these tutorials makes me learn along with you, this is extremely important, because we somehow end up helping.

    One helping the other and so we grow, the greatest source of knowledge and the one that comes through the shared ideas, so everything I learn from the good I share.

    I invite you, especially beginner to take a look at my entire site and enjoy the tutorials we bring here, although not authored by own, all tutorials are from crocheters and renamed designers, who give a show in each piece.

    It is the best of you to learn and doing, choose a site tutorial, put as goal and do the same from start to finish, will see that crochet and art of persistence, in fact you will learn.

    Do not give up, if it is worth a tip, take one tutorial at a time, do one at a time, do not jump from one tutorial to another, this will make you more anxious and you will not be able to complete your learning.

    The cool of crochet and exactly the feeling of achievement, of having managed to complete the learning, of having managed to complete the production of the piece.

    You know that feeling of duty done? This no one takes away from you, so it is worth investing your time in learning and with that evolve, we hope that your appreciation on our site will be wonderful.

    I would like to point out that the image credit and content of all tutorials and intended for the official website you can check out another amazing pattern by clicking here.