The crochet knit forms a fabric very similar to lace fabric and uses two different needles for knitting, with hooks at the ends. This process can produce the famous “thorns” of carpets, bedspreads, towels and clothes all manufactured with much love and affection by hand.

    Among these items, the shirt stands out for its ease of combination and versatility, allowing you to combine images of various styles, suitable for work environments and casual looks with controversial elements. Given the versatility of these works, here’s how you can combine them into a variety of options, from the humblest to the most daring and deepest.

    Short sleeve crochet tops can be usedfor both casual and work. If the shirt “leaks”, you can wear a variety of shirt styles, such as suspenders, on your daily clothing. This t-shirt makes it look less casual, while the solid-colored t-shirt keeps the skin on the outside.

    Cropped crochet gypsy model
    Cropped crochet gypsy model

    By combining these tops with jeans (whether tapered or extended), these tops can also give a special touch to the formal look recommends this look: “Tops with denim shorts and straps. Aesthetic shoes. Complete the look.”

    Long-sleeved tops may not be the best choice on hot days, but you can wear long-sleeved tops on cold days and jackets on cold days.

    Long sleeves make up for the casual feel of visible leather. Juliana also highlighted this point. This unique product comes combined with pencil skirt or midi skirt.

    You can choose wedge shoes with cork heel and a handmade materials. It is a good choice to perfect the shape. In today’s tutorial you will learn how to make this beautiful model that will make you passionate.

    Wear shirts with tie around the neck very carefully, as they are very sexy and allow people to see the body. These things can be combined with appearances that follow bohemian trends, such as the presence of fringed accessories.

    Denim jacket is a great choice to adapt to the cold or to need more body coverage. Typically, strapless tops are cut to expose the abdomen.

    Therefore, this article is very consistent with shorts or high waist pants also highlighted that this item combines with small handbags with chain straps.

    In reality the crochet blouse that we will teach you today is a mega cute, sophisticated and very delicate tutorial of a versatile piece that give to wear combined with several others, so it is worth betting on a more stripped lookof the.

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    Delicate Maritine Crochet Blanket

    Crochet Colorful Blanket

    It is and of course I put my hand in the dough to make this beautiful piece, the cool of these points that are very simple and versatile, in a few days I finished my piece.

    I made one that fell on me, is I loved and really beautiful, be prefer then can put a forró on the part of thetrunk, more if you prefer, put only a top on the bottom and everything is right, also looks beautiful

    The cool thing about this piece is exactly the wealth of details that it make up and of course after it’s done I’ve released it and I already have orders for next month, I’m just in love.

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