Beauties who are always accompanying me, I bring today a tutorial for the cold, especially this time of year that we are always surprised with a cold out of nowhere, it is always good to have a piece in the wardrobe very warm, this coat in crochet and versatile and you can make an incredible sequence of combinations, which will make you passionate.

    Cute, romantic and very warm is a versatile piece, use and abuse of combinations, when being crochet speaks, I quite like to use and abuse, it is worth checking out what I brought today regarding this tutorial, I found a versatile piece, easy to do, however being beginner will feel a greater difficulty to perform, but nothing extreme, it’s very simple and easy to make to pay attention.

    Talked about a little bit of entrepreneurship, I really like to do these pieces, because it makes anyone in love and I’ll tell you, sells a lot. It has come out a lot in the atelier, I love, so if you want to learn, I advise you to stay with us until the end of this post and check out the tutorial, a cool thing of the jackets and that wear super well on the body and looks wonderfully beautiful.

    Jacket in crochet heart edife
    Jacket in crochet heart edife

    Returning to the entrepreneurial side, I advise you to have in the store at least 2 pieces for sale, because it will certainly sell without penalty and the return pays off.

    I made one for my cousin and reproduce two more models, for sale, one has already sold and another I’m sure in a few days I will sell too.

    Oh, I can’t help but mention that it took me 2 weeks to do the play, it was pretty quick and I thought it pays off, so regardless of whether you’re a beginner or not oriented that try to do, it’s worth it.

    You know what the lazy guy’s biggest problem is? It’s not trying, the art of crochet in fact, it’s not for anyone, there has to be love, passion, willingness to do a lot of persistence, only that will lead you to success in this business.

    Check out our site other wonderful patterns in crochet:

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    Being an artisan is more than allied to money, it’s a passion that runs in our blood, so all the pieces are so unique and perfect, I usually say, that everything we do for love, is indescribable.

    I always say that crochet is quite a branch, but you need to have passion for what you do, being a totally manual branch is very difficult, produce a thousand, be you do not love what you do.

    So personal being you are beginner is wanting to learn to crochet, visit our website, check out the amazing tutorials we have around here, and learn.

    I would like to mention that the image credits and content of our standards is from the official tutorial of each piece that you can check more about it by clicking here.