Amazing is the delicacy of crochet, today’s tutorial made me more passionate, I decided to do exactly in the color of the tutorial, white and personal was amazing. Delicate, romantic, versatile and wonderfully amazing was what I found doing this model, so my wonderful drinks for you today plus a pattern all worked in crochet that will leave you very much in love.

    The cool thing about this piece is that of the same pattern I manage to create multiple models and even a beach exit with the same point, the cool thing to learn through the tutorials is that I can open my mind to produce other models.

    The amazing thing about this pattern is that the stitches are easy and the result is wonderfully beautiful, I started doing mine and it took me from 02 to 03 weeks to complete the pattern.

    Dress in crochet summer model all worked in lace
    Dress in crochet summer model all worked in lace

    After i’m ready to dress myself and gave a model with this beautiful piece, it was successful in my network and it will certainly be a success for your customers, because it is a piece that wastes beauty and charm.

    So, I intend to do two more, of different colors and leave here in the atelier, because I’m sure it will sell, another cool thing is that combines with tours and open places, outdoors, beach, barzinho by the sea.

    So, it’s an amazing piece made especially for the hot summer days, I combined this dress with a straw bag that I have and it was wonderfully beautiful the look.

    Girls, the tutorials that I share and put my hand in the dough to do, are pieces that I would buy myself, are tutorials that I think incredible, so in my eyes are pieces worth checking out.

    Looking with entrepreneurial eyes, I like to bring things that fill the eyes, it is for sure your customers looking this wonderful dress will be fall in love.

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    I always bring something different, because I think the basics we already know and allied to this, to easy points, I can learn other wonderful models and bring to the atelier.

    Beginner girls is a simple dress to make, however rich in detail, so I advise you to take exactly one piece at a time to explore the pattern, that way you will manage to do the same with total precision and perfection.

    I myself avoid picking up several tutorials at a time to do, because it ends up getting in the way of me and I can not complete anything, so this is one of the golden tips that I give you, start one tutorial at a time.

    I would like to point out, that all the image credits and contents of the tutorials we bring here is intended for the official website of the templates that you can check more information from today’s tutorial by clicking.