People! I am completely in love with the tutorial today, never seen so much perfection in just one piece, being you check out the richness of details of this blanket is to be very passionate. Passionate about the art of transforming thread and needle into fantastic pieces, crochet brings me to life.

    I started to do mine, still not complete, more is a matter of time, this tutorial I consider advanced level, it is not difficult tutorial, but will need to be devote, requires time to complete.

    What did I think of the blanket? Extremely beautiful, versatile, unique, authentic and very romantic, is a model to leave anyone in love, I loved and hope you also fall in love.

    Afghan crochet blanket with roses
    Afghan crochet blanket with roses

    An important thing about this model is, I’m running one for my person, I’ll only work with it on demand, but that doesn’t stop you from making smaller models, like a baby blanket, which is much faster and disclose, the blanket I’m making is for a queen bed.

    Because it is rich in detail, you need to pay close attention, because if not at any time, it can be lost in the tutorial.

    If you’re a beginner, or are starting now I’d like to leave some considerations that I think to be important about this pattern and any other you come to pick up, in reality are tips you should know.

    Crochet is a very nice craft technique that is worth learning, whether as a hobby or as a job. However, this text is aimed primarily at people who wish to turn it into a source of income, whether secondary or primary.

    So, I think I have some experience and the ability to speak to people who are just starting out in this segment. And I speak entirely based on my real experience as an entrepreneurial craftsman. These are tips that I consider valuable for all beginners in crochet. Shall we go to them?!

    The number one tip is that you seek knowledge. Crochet, like craft technique, holds a whole range of particularities and secrets that need to be learned.

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    How to make each point, how to start a piece, how to choose the right needle for each job, the best yarn …

    So don’t just watch random video lessons on youtube. They are very useful yes, but you need to seek a deeper knowledge to follow a content presentation order required for you to really learn everything you need to crochet independently and skillfully.

    Here on our website the knowledge network is amazing and you can dare, exploit and abuse everything we have around here.

    Another tip that is very important that you learn how to create your own pieces. I see most artisans nowadays too dependent on videos and graphics to be able to do anything. Have you learned the basics of crochet?

    Do you know how to use the measuring tape and count the points? So go out and try to learn the basics of modeling too, pay attention to the increases and decreases needed to form each part, learn how to combine different fantasy points in the same part can be difficult at first, but everyone can do that.

    To stand out in the crowd you need to create differentiated pieces, leaving the obvious, printing your brand and personality in the pieces you make. And not just to reproduce recipes from famous craftsmen.

    If you are not patient enough to invest a lot of time and energy in a project that has no guarantee of operation and, most importantly, is not ready to develop this skill, then unfortunately, crochet is not for you.

    Virtually every manual work takes time, creating something with your own hands requires time and a lot of dedication. You won’t always get it right the first time. You have to go back and do everything from scratch. And when it comes to crochet, undoing and redoing are a natural part of the process. You can’t regret losing something you’ve already done or too lazy to start over if you make a mistake.

    Enjoy your work

    This tip is very important because people generally do not want to pay the price that a handmade product is worth. They don’t believe that it took us much time and often WHOLE days to do A PIECE.

    And many artisans afraid of becoming unemployed end up charging very little for requests. Don’t do it, don’t do it!

    Learn how to set the price of your parts. Include in the price all the costs you have to make each product and add the value of your work.

    Of course, there are many things circulating about it, but the ideal is to seek knowledge, know how to price your pieces in crochet and always evolve.

    So, I invite you to stay here with us whenever possible enjoying our content, there is certainly a lot of cool stuff that can help you.

    Let’s leave chat and go to the tutorial, image credits and content and the official standard you can check all about by clicking here.