Short crochet jacket for girls: see step by step how to do it

Crochet is super comprehensive when it comes to all kinds of jobs and creations

With it you can create accessories, clothes, rugs, pillows, decorations in general, blankets, hats and even pets for children.

That’s why this hobby has reached so many people and to help those who want to enter this world, we have some tips for beginners on how to learn to crochet.

Materials needed in crochet practice: Basically you will need a thread and a needle! Of course, there are hundreds of yarns and different sizes of needles and materials, so it’s best to choose one and grow it little by little before buying everything you need.

When you decide that you really want to take up crocheting as a hobby, start investing in materials, buying new yarns with different yarns and needle sizes.

The needle is very comprehensive, each type of working thread requires a different needle size. Most threads...