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Maybelle Baby Crochet Blanket

Maybelle Baby Crochet Blanket is a perfect piece for the coldest days and it can warm us up when we are watching that beautiful movie on the sofa or in bed

Comfortable and beautiful it is very easy to make and has an incredible result. The blanket suggested here is in these beautiful colors, but the choice of colors is up to your taste and according to your decor to make the room very cozy

For cold days, the blanket used on the sofa and bed, in addition to completing the decor, is a perfect accessory to warm up while watching that favorite movie

Crochet allows that using our creativity we can make blankets, cushion, table runner, rug and thus complete the decoration of the environment in an incredible way

The colors here are just a suggestion. Use the color that best matches the decor of the room

With little material and using your knowledge in crochet following the tutorial you can make this beautiful blanket