Learn how to make an amazing “Buffalo plaid” cardigan for girls!

Does the practice of crochet remind you of your grandmother’s house? Certainly, many people have this emotional memory related to crochet.

And no wonder, the hook really has this feature. However, even with the strong emotional appeal to it, the practice of this art has been expanding a lot and coming back to the surface.

But with the appreciation of craftsmanship, crochet gained prominence and returned to fashion and home decor.

And for this reason, more and more people are interested in this technique, either as a way to relax and let off steam, or to earn some extra money.

If you want to get started in this new world of crochet, stay tuned to this post and we will give you some of the tips you need.

Let’s start by talking about the materials we are going to use in this crochet model?