Fruity Potcoasters – Free Pattern

Hello my beloved friends of the blog, once again I’m here to talk about this craft that everyone already knows to be my favorite, yes my dear CROCHET

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Today I bring a pattern, very colorful, very modern and perfect for those who want to decorate a home environment and make it very cozy

The crochet pattern is a differentiated craft, which can also be made in a unique and classic color, according to the artisan’s taste

I also want to talk to you today about the benefits of crochet as a hobby, I know I am suspicious of talking, because my preference for this craft is infinite, but research shows that crochet is an excellent therapy, being a great ally for well-being

More than a hobby, it soothes, soothes, prevents Alzheimer’s and relieves stress, depression and anxiety. Lack of humor, mental fatigue, monotony … Ending these annoyances can be simple and pleasurable

Do your own combination, be creative and...