Crochet summer dress for baby: Step by step on how to make

From kitchen rugs, bathroom sets, bags and bikinis, crochet is present in many homes and even in fashion.

There are several pieces made from this manual production technique that have been present in the daily lives of Brazilians for many years, after all, grandmothers are always remembered when it comes to crochet.

For those who don’t know much about crochet, seeing the finished art seems like an impossibility.

But know that with some tips, determination and, above all, practice, everything becomes easier, and you will be able to make your model in the art of crochet.

Before getting to the tutorial on how to make a crochet sundress for babies, let’s see first some tips for those who are starting in this technique.

To crochet, the main materials you will need are basically yarn and needles. Other supplies, like scissors and a tape measure, will also help you get started. Know more details...