“Braided” baby hoodie: Learn how to make it in this easy tutorial!

If you want to enter this world of crochet, we will give you some tips and the main materials before showing you the tutorial, and make no mistake, if you are a beginner in this art of crochet these tips will be very valuable!

In general, thick needles are for thick thread and thinner needles are for threads that are fine.

You’ll know this by the type of work you’ll be doing, but it’s important to know that thick lines create more open stitches, while thinner lines create tighter stitches.

Beginners are recommended to start with thinner lines as they are easier to work with.

However, a thicker thread with a thinner needle can help someone starting to sew more firmly.

Crochet lines are made in twisted layers forming a kind of string, the more layers, the thicker and...