If you want to work with crochet at home to sell, you need to learn how to make money with crochet.

    Crochet has always been an amazing art, but in recent years it has been gaining more and more space and becoming a trend. Many people have decided to take the time to earn an additional income with this super versatile art.

    And if you also want to take advantage of this wave to surf a sea of good opportunities, we’ll help you crochet to sell and earn an extra income or even make crafts a real profession.

    After all, it is totally possible to live from your passion because selling crochet generates profit, just follow a few steps that I present in this article.

    Is it possible to make money with crochet?

    Unique pattern crochet blanket
    Unique pattern crochet blanket

    The first thing to do before you start selling crochet is to hone your technique.

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    In fact, many newcomers often come out of absolute zero in search of the dream of making a living from their trade.

    In other words, you’ll learn basic crochet for beginners in just 5 steps that will take you from absolute zero to basic crochet in a matter of minutes.

    Starting to produce

    After learning the basic steps of crochet, you should start improving and therefore should train. After all, practice leads to perfection.

    Therefore, if you really want to knit, start devoting more time to improving this technique. Start by making simpler crochet pieces to focus on perfecting the stitches.

    After the simple works are already being removed from the lyrics, it’s time to start venturing into more elaborate works, which will bring you new challenges and inspirations, making your repertoire much wider and increasing your chances of selling products.

    Therefore, try to learn new things, explore new techniques by participating in workshops and courses and so your work will get better and better, which can generate more sales and increase the value of your handmade products. There are many ways to sell all kinds of products, including handmade ones.

    The first and most traditional way to sell crochet is in person. To do this, just have a piece in hand and show it to your potential customer.

    However, another option is to show the product photo if the item is not currently with you. After all, crocheters serve customers anywhere, even on the bank line. There we will pay a bill, we start talking and from there we left with a client.

    So if you want to succeed in sales, don’t forget to have your phone around. That way, you can turn a conversation on the bench into a craft sale.

    However, if you don’t have good photos of your pieces, have a file of parts that you know how to make. So you can introduce them to the customer and make the sale.

    But remember an important tip: don’t display pieces you don’t know how to make.

    That way, you avoid wasting time and tarnishing your reputation with the customer. After all, accepting an order and then telling the customer that you can’t do this is too bad for your image.

    That is, if you receive a request for a piece you do not know how to do, it is better not to accept. After all, all the work and time invested in the search that can still end without success is not worth it.

    It’s amazing, isn’t it? Now it’s time to boost your dream, let’s get your hands dirty and actually learn the crochet, check out another amazing blanket pattern by clicking here.