Today’s tutorial is a home-oriented one, where you will leave all your environment more sophisticated, charming, and beautiful. The whole hand-crafted piece leaves the environment very chic, I’m suspicious in talking because in my house what’s not lacking is a handmade rug, all worked in crochet.

    So it is worth checking out the whole step-by-step of this amazing model, indicated for the exit of each room. A piece as it takes on average 02 weeks to make, depending on its time and availability.

    I put my hand in the dough and it took me more or less this because I was making other orders together, but I believe that gets the same right, you will manage to do in less than a week.

    Tutorial on porcelain carpet crochet
    Tutorial on porcelain carpet crochet

    The piece is perfectly beautiful, all hand crafted made especially in crochet. It’s worth checking out the richness of detail and knowing a little more about this fabulous model.

    As I always mention it’s amazing to crochet for the possibilities that this art has to you, in fact I like to work with the pieces because they enrich me in the details.

    Today’s tutorial is carpet, but be stop to view everything we bring on our site will see how much enriching material has around here, it is worth checking everything and put your hand in the dough.

    After all, just looking you won’t learn exactly anything, put your hand in the dough when I started crocheting while my son slept and sold the pieces during the day.

    It was well run, almost a year I’m dedicating myself to this manual work that has just given me taste and left me more and more passionate, in fact, crochet came to add value to me and change a life.

    I live a quieter life today, I don’t have to take driving, let alone submit to jobs that I don’t like, I manage my time well and I can keep up with all the development.

    Are you starting? The tip I give you is the following don’t give up, crochet is persistence x patience and through it you will achieve success.

    I started selling door to door and today I have my atelier that generates all my livelihood, do not think it was easy, I had to give up and believe that I would do everything to make it work.

    It’s exactly what I did, didn’t sleep, worked day and night for that goal that today is huge, I’m completely grateful because of the crochet today I take my livelihood.

    In fact, it’s something that came from behind, if I didn’t have this intense entrepreneurial spirit, I could never get to where I am today.

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    All the tutorials That I share here are intended to help women from all over the world to undertake, I like it, the entrepreneurial spirit has to take care of a designer, after all that is what she will manage to reach the top.

    So let’s leave chatting and go today for another amazing tutorial where the image credits and content and destined to the official website by clicking here.