As always bringing novelty, I bring another wonderful stitch in crochet  all worked on femalebeauty , pieces like these make women even moreelegant,  glamorous and modern.

    In fact, any model worked in crochet when it comes to clothing is a charm, delicacy and elegance, today the step by step will be very different, we bring a piece of crochetis  all handmade and the best and colorful, which brings a very cheerful tone.

    You know those vests we put on more basic clothes, whether blouses or even the famous Cropped, so today’s tutorial will teach you how to make a modern model is new to the market in this way.

    Tutorial on crochet vest model
    Tutorial on crochet vest model

    As you know, I consider myself the crazy of the tutorials, I have my atelier that evolved a lot after the pandemic ofCovid-19, it was when I found myself left forsabythelabor market and without a job is then that I saw the crochetis like a great opportunity, in fact changed my life.

    The funniest part of this story is that I was alreadycrocheting,but with the stress of everyday  life and even work I didn’t have enough time to devote myself.

    After being fired, I thought Ican’t be a slave to the market, I have to find something for my life that’s different from everyone else.

    Today, after a year off the job market, I have my own atelier that works very well and receives orders almost every day.

    My differential in this business was persistence, determination, willingness to win and, of course, my son to raise, people who spent days and nights sitting at the computer looking for tutorials and step by step to develop.

    Of course I have not always had ease with certain pieces, but that’s where persistence comes in, I jumped from one tutorial to another when In fact I can do the model, do not go to another tutorial until i finish what I had chosen to do.

    Making crochet pieces for the female world is something that delightsme, besides the clothes and children’s pieces, I started crocheting on dishcloth tips.

    Today I already make several pieces, kits, blankets, bedspreads, and everything

    imagine that you can reproduce in crochet. The success of my studio came exactly by the variation of models and tutorials That I do, I do not just cince to a part model, I look for new things and this is what keeps me always with customers.

    The cool thing about crochet is that giving you to invest invariation, it’s already a different job, when they bring something new, people are interested and it tends to get attention, that’s how I greatly increased my incomes.


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    Always follow websites and content dand  designers that has asreference , we all have something tolearn, and for sure through our tutorials will acquire more knowledge.

    So let’s leave the subject to another amazing tutorial, where all credits for creating content and images are intended for this site, for more information click here.

    Tutorial on crochet vest model
    Tutorial on crochet vest model