In many families, to modernize the décor of their home, the wonderful Beard or Crochet Rugs are used because they are a simple and functional way to exchange the spaces of the houses for more welcoming ones.

    A crochet or string fabric is one that has an innate beauty and delicacy thanks to its manufacturing process, since the time invested is greatly appreciated.

    There is no right way to go to decorate your space with this rug, but today we bring some tips to make any environment of your home more welcoming.

    Tutorial on Crochet Macadamia Rug
    Tutorial on Crochet Macadamia Rug

    In stores there are several options of the material to be used to make a crochet fabric, can be a thicker yarn or thinner, white or colored.

    It is important that it can match with the other elements that make up the environment or with the color gamut of the room. If you don’t feel safe, you can choose neutral colors like white and beige, which differ in every detail and can be used more lightly.

    All the environments of your home can be retouched with the string rugs, including the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, bathroom, the external areas of the house and other rooms you can find.

    The barbecue mat is the most used form of decoration of the houses, usually value the view in the corridors, because they help to convey the feeling of amplitude. A corridor not too wide or dark can be distinguished with this accessory in light colors, and the focus of attention will be the floor.

    There are several options of where to place the barbecue mat. Here we bring some of them.

    The best places to put carpet in crochet:

    Barbante rugs are appreciated for the time it takes to be made.

    For the kitchen: The kitchen is one of the most common places to put barbecue or crochet rugs, due to its material being soft and pleasant. Taking into account the colors, the most chosen are white, beige or even the darkest shades.

    To the Main Room: For the barbecue rug or crochet room, first check the available space. Carpets can be used  to outline the spaces,sousethem in this way if the room has alargeand pleasant space.

    Bathroom string mat: The bathroom is ideal for placing the carpets of this material. In particular, there are so-called kit mats.

    They usually contain a carpet to put next to the toilet, a toilet lid of Barbante and another for use on the bathroom floor, next to the washbasin.

    Dining room carpet: In bright  colors, it will give more energy to the environment. Don’t hesitate to risk putting the one you like the most.

    String for the bedroom: If you want to feel a smooth surface when getting up, a carpet for the room is ideal.

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