Hello crocheters, look I here once again bringing a wonderful tutorial in crochet of a Bag Bag that you will get in love, the official tutorial is in lilac color, but I did on the red line is beautiful, simply passionate, it is a quick bag, so be for thinking about entrepreneurship, it is worth investing in some pieces and produce.

    Exhibit in the atelier, it’s like I always say! Every crocheter has to be a marketer, take the piece after it’s ready and be a model, take great photos and make a great publicity, I’m sure it will be a sales success.

    A tip for who I give to you that is starting is to be persistent, crochet is this, it will not be day to night that you will get super success in everything you do, of course the first pieces you can miss a few points, fail at the time of development.

    But it will be exactly the act of practicing that will lead you to perfection, so invest your time in learning, myself when I produced, stayed nights and nights working, producing until I succeeded.

    The cool of hand-crafted handbags is the versatility and ease when it comes to matching, diverse looks! It’s worth taking a break and producing gorgeous models and so I’m sure you’ll create an excellent sales portfolio.

    Guys when I started crocheting, I barely knew how to pick up the right needle, I paid in a way that me a calluses didn’t hand and hurt because I ended up squeezing the needle too much.

    Barely knew how to make some cloths and already tired, my trigger to learn was in fact the hobby, because I was always passionate about handmade pieces, plus the desire to overcome unemployment that made me desperate.

    I’ve always had in my head, that entrepreneur, has to have a differential, has to be someone who evolves in his life, who actually brings continuity in the things he does and who has passion.

    When I allied my will with my passion for crochet, I had burst of feelings where my brand arose, which is now Mommy  Crochet, I’m passionate about what I do.

    That’s what I didn’t have to create my pieces, because as I always praise here on the site, all the tutorials I share are reproduced from the originals, ie are from people with incredible knowledge where I also watch the tutorials to learn and I will speak to you from the heart, I’m actually passionate about the art of crocheting.

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    So let’s leave it up to you today to learn this wonderful bag, all crafted in manual points that will make you passionate, I would like to praise that the image credits and content of this tutorial is intended for the official standard and you will be able to check everything about it by clicking here.

    Come to crochet and invest in entrepreneurship that has only grown in this amazing market, it’s worth becoming a successful crocheter.