In today’s tutorial we will teach an Amigurumi turtle in Crochet, all hand-crafted, it is indeed a beautiful work that you will learn from the following crochet expert.

    Originally from Japan and very popular worldwide, amigurumi are plush knitted or knitted toys, usually worked in round.

    Amigurumi is a word composed of the Japanese words ‘ami’ (knit, crochet or braid) and ‘nuigurumi’ (literally, ‘sew and wrap’ – refers to many types of plush toys sewn).

    The amugurumi are most often dolls or animals, but can also be made in the form of inanimate objects of all kinds, often with cute faces and added features.

    Tutorial on Crochet Amigurumi tartawrinkle Tik Tok
    Tutorial on Crochet Amigurumi tartawrinkle Tik Tok

    Amigurumi are cute, which explains their appeal a lot, but they are also very quick and easy to do, especially when compared to more traditional crochet projects.

    They use very small amounts of materials, which makes them cheap and portable. The techniques are easy to learn because toys are usually worked on a single crochet, which means they are great projects for beginners.

    They also make fantastic personalized gifts.

    The Story of Amigurumi

    The history of amigurumi is quite vague. The technique may have been brought from China, where crochet dolls have been made since ancient times, but there is not much evidence of their popularity until ten or twenty years ago.

    The 1970s saw the explosion of ‘kawaii’ (cute) culture in Japan, when characters like Hello Kitty became overnight hits and the Japanese obsession with all things cute really began.

    In the late 1980s, Japanese national broadcaster NHK directed a show titled ‘Ami’, and the amigurumi craze was born. In 2002, the Japanese Amigurumi Association was founded to share information and promote amigurumi design.

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    Nowadays, a search for ‘amigurumi’ on Amazon Japan returns almost 200 standards books and nearly 300 standards kits, and this is only in Japanese. This does not include the hundreds of hundreds of patterns available in all languages online, primarily by independent designers.

    Amigurumi Construction

    Amigurumi are usually composed of combinations of spheres or part-spheres and tubes, worked in round. Some prefer to work in a spiral, others prefer rounds together.

    Simple amigurumi are usually made whole, with filling added as they are worked. More complex designs can have extra tubes or flat shapes, such as arms, legs and ears, which are worked separately and then sewn with thread.

    The basic stitch for amigurumi is a simple crochet, as this results in a firm fabric with fewer holes.

    See how easy it is to be amazing? Now are we going to learn how to do Amigurumi in practice?

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