Today we bring a cute tutorial, delicate and very sophisticated, all worked on very classic crochet stitches is an amazing and versatile piece that you can use on any occasion.

    I like to bring this kind of tutorial, because every piece crafted in crochet is beautiful, in fact it is a piece that can not miss in your wardrobe, because it is a piece worked, for being used on several occasions, so it is worth you as an artisan bet on model like this.

    Impossible not to look at a dress like this and not fall in love is obvious that I have already started producing this amazing model for my person is i believe it take more than 60 days to complete, this because it is a piece rich in detail and I do not want a short dress, it is a model very similar to a tunic.

    Tutorial crochet in midsummer night Tunic
    Tutorial crochet in midsummer night Tunic

    I always give a tip for those who are starting to seek basic to medium level tutorials, look for tutorials that you are interested in and do the same from start to finish.

    This will help you and motivate you to make new pieces, every time you finish a tutorial, you will want to complete others, ie taking several tutorials and not finishing any will leave you unmotivated.

    Ideally choose a tutorial and follow the same from start to finish, it is so it goes, every time you come across some difficulty in crochet, persist in it, invest your time in learning, I’m sure in time will not have more difficulty.

    It will go over it, investing in new models and new pieces, the cool here site is that we always bring different and useful tutorials, with the same point you can work and give rise to many others, which makes your learning much more pleasurable and easy.

    As I mentioned in other tutorials I started in crochet as a hobby, after a crisis that attacked the country, unemployed and with a child to raise, I decided to bet that this market was promising and that I could keep it from it.

    Detail knew nothing, very badly took the right needle, little by little, day and night without sleep I was evolving until reaching the  perfection of today.

    Today I do some pieces with my eyes closed, I no longer need to look at tutorials and I like to look for news on the net because I end up learning and I make a point of sharing this enriching knowledge with you.

    Here on the site has a lot of interesting content, versatile and very good for you to take advantage, knowledge and learning, following the tutorials, tips and information That I have around here I’m sure you will learn.

    The important thing is not to give up, we know how much the year 2021 is being different from any and any other, after the pandemic of COVID-19 the high unemployment rate is in the market and you have to make a difference.

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    Entering a promising, strategic and up-and-a-rise growth market like this is not for anyone. So if you are a willing person, you want to grow in this market, you want to enter and take away from it your livelihood.

    It’s time to grab your sleeve, get your hands dirty and do this amazing tutorial with us, just follow all the information you’ll be able to successfully perform and complete the piece.

    I would like to point out that the product and image credits of this tutorial is intended for the official website that you can click here.

    Tutorial crochet in midsummer night Tunic
    Tutorial crochet in midsummer night Tunic