Crochet Today’s tutorial is pretty cool, I brought a romantic and cute item, a rabbit all worked on Amigurumi, girls this piece was sales success at Easter, but do not hold on to only this time of year, where the rabbit is a character on the rise, in reality have a piece of this in your studio is certainly sales success, because it’s a really cute piece.

    I like to talk about the entrepreneurship market, because in fact crochet has grown a lot, the pandemic has come to devastate our economy and with that, people in general had to be reinvent, I like to highlight my history in crochet, because that’s exactly what I did.

    I was an administrator, work safety coach, clt slave of a company, where I worked 8 hours a day and was super dissatisfied.

    Tutorial Coelho in Crochet Amigurumi
    Tutorial Coelho in Crochet Amigurumi

    After a crisis that stopped the world because of the pandemic, I found myself lost and without job opportunity in the market, with monthly rent to bear, a child to raise and health problems, I thought I would not be able to change my situation.

    It was when I used to crochet just to relax my mind, in reality I was always very much in love with this world, on a night, half lost, not knowing what to do, I saw crochet as a job opportunity.

    I decided to devote myself, I spent nights learning amazing points and tutorials, all the pieces I could produce, sold during the day and so I was building my client portfolio, do not think it was easy, for many nights the tiredness and frustrations I thought of giving up, but always looked at my son, aware that I had to win and that’s exactly what I did.

    I knew that from crochet I would manage to conquer all my dreams and needs, gradually I was building today the name I have Mommy Crochet and Speak with much love that would do everything again.

    Crochet gave me the opportunity that the market didn’t give me, gave me the stability, will and strength to win and be the entrepreneur I became today.

    I invite you beginner to take a look at our site and check out all the amazing material we bring here, I assure you that just like me, you will be falling in love with all the content we share.

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    I learn a lot from you and these trading experiences extol me a lot, so being you is a beginner, I invite you to know our site a little better.

    Choose an easy level tutorial that pleases you and do the same from start to finish, the important thing at this beginning and not give up, be I get you also can and I’m sure that in a while will be a crocheter of great prestige and success.

    Let’s just stop it and get our hands dirty?  Today’s tutorial is amazing, and you can appreciate and check out information about the pattern by clicking here.