The first reason why this year you would wear a crochet bikini is because they are fashionable, it is worth it only if you are one of those who follow trends, but secondly, as a consequence of the first, it is because it will be very easy to find.

    With this you will be using a unique and exclusive piece, customization in crochet is what makes the piece amazing.

    Heat begins and fashion begins to challenge the degrees to the fullest. Neoprene and crochet bikinis are under the scrutiny of the most famous designers. Gone is the time when simplicity and austerity were in swimsuits. Bikini fashion took a 180 degree turn and her reign became apparent.

    Tutorial Bikini Hopefully That Falls into Crochet
    Tutorial Bikini Hopefully That Falls into Crochet

    Crochet bikinis are nothing new, but they are back in force. The phenomenon of the fabric in swimsuits began two seasons ago, inspired by a vintage and delicate air and was gaining strength until reaching the ranking of the most desired leggings.

    But nevertheless, the undisputed protagonist of the beach and pool this summer is the neoprene bikini in all its shapes and colors. His invasion spread to such an end that the world’s most famous fashion bloggers could not resist his attack. It is necessary to understand that, following the guidelines of the diffusion of sports fashion in all possible styles, this sports ode has a direct impact on bikinis.

    Despite what has been mentioned so far, the main difference between one trend and the other is in price. The crochet bikini allows you to make your own or ask a friend of your mother, aunt, grandmother or even a neighbor who makes one for you at a very affordable price.

    The disadvantage of the neoprene screen is the acquisition of the piece in exclusive stores, which makes the product more expensive.

    Today in particular we will talk about the bikini in crochet which is a trend that has been growing is very much in the world, and has inspired great brands to invest.

    It is a beautiful piece, amazing and all hand crafted that will leave you just as I in love, it is worth checking out the tutorial that we will mention at the end of this post and make your piece.

    I would like to point out that all the content of the site and even the tutorials is credit always of the official standard, I rei reci along with you the pieces in order to show my difficulty.

    This bikini in particular is amazing I was in love and made up one for me, took pictures and disclosed on my networks, I believe that soon I will have return in orders.

    I love the crochet business because it allows me to create unique and unique things, just like this is what looks beautiful in the body, after learning this pattern until I’m thinking of making a bigger one in the same pattern, will be very rich.

    So bora leave subject and go for another wonderful tutorial to clicking here.