Baby on board, crochet blanket in production, crochet blankets are millennial patterns in history, today every mother has in her trousseau a crochet blanket ready to warm the baby on colder days.

    Today’s tutorial I bring with a lot of love, in fact the blankets in crochet provide comfort and sophistication to babies, in addition it is a beautiful piece, all crafted and handmade to provide warmth and a lot of comfort.

    Today’s tutorial is indeed amazing, I started to do and do not feel any difficulty in production, this because it is very easy and simple to do, after being learns the point, you go with the same from start to finish, which makes it easier to still make several models like this.

    I started doing this blanket yesterday and I’m already in love, I believe that within a week I finish, the baby blankets have a very small pattern, it’s not big so it’s very easy to start one and finish.

    Tunisian baby crochet blanket
    Tunisian baby crochet blanket

    If you are a beginner i would like to leave a tip that will optimize and much your work, take one tutorial at a time and do the same from start to finish, do not keep taking several tutorials to learn at once.

    This will discourage you, because what we want most is to complete the pieces, so invest your time in learning one tutorial at a time and this will help you a lot in evolution.

    This year was marked by a great scenario of crisis and unemployment, because do not devote your time in learning pieces that actually generate your income and is a source of opportunity for you to gain space in the market.

    I even started in crochet a little while longer I’m already evolving the site, my brand and i don’t regret every moment I’ve dedicated myself here, I’ve learned a lot!

    Evolve a lot and I want too much to reach my peak moment, in fact receive so many orders that I did not realize, I learned to manage my time better and with that I have grown in the market.

    Crochet is persistence, you’ll never manage to be good at everything you do, but it will evolve over time, so deem yourself to learn and achieve what you want.

    Every crocheter should be a good marketer, because every piece you complete, the ideal is to take a well-valued photo of it and disseminate on your social networks.

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    The best source of marketing is through word-of-mouth marketing, so several and several other people who like this type of work will come to you by asking other things and making new orders.

    I would like to praise the rich source of content we have on our site, here has amazing content that you can explore and put your hand in the dough to produce.

    It is worth mentioning only that the image credits and content and intended for the official website you can check more information about this amazing pattern by clicking here.