Of course, for now we face cold and rainy days, but summer is coming to be approaching and what can not miss to make up wonderful looks are the short jackets crafted in crochet, today’s tutorial is wonderfully amazing, I bring a top model, blouse or those shorter models, perfect for hot days.

    Whether or not you have a tummy of tanquinho the blouse looks wonderfully amazing and can certainly make a look as much as passionate.

    The cool thing about this model is that you can wear it with various combination looks, whether with a long skirt, shorts, jeans or even a more social cloth, it looks wonderfully beautiful.

    Also because this blouse is a very modern model that give to wear and abuses, I just do not produce it in green color, I did in violet or purple color, is I’m in love.

    It took me around 7 days to make, it is an easy pattern blouse, more orientation that pays attention to the recommendations and follow the whole step by step, do not excite in skipping any recommendations, as it can go wrong when assembling the piece.

    This model is super trend, I say one thing to you, sells a lot, so it is worth investing your time in producing, because it will certainly be sales success.

    I like to bring this type of model, because it is very versatile, is super trendy and is a model on high, another cool thing of it is that it is a quick piece, I when I crochet, I try to make easy patterns and that are easy to get out and sell.

    Another exciting thing in the same model is that you can with the taught point, play with the versatility of it and produce other patterns.

    Looking from the side undertake, it is an amazing piece for sale, because it spends little material, easy to make, well versatile and has excellent output.

    Taking the opportunity, I would like to invite you to look at the tutorials we bring on the site, there is a lot of cool variety that you can enjoy, enjoy and put into practice.

    Being you’re a beginner, one important thing is to take one tutorial at a time and put it running one by one, this will help to focus your learning, it’s no use, go out doing several and not finish any.

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    Outside that when you finish the tutorials, you will be more motivated to proceed with others, this is extremely important for your self-esteem and for you to get into practice and develop other models.

    So being you is a beginner, calm down! Learning crochet is a process of wisdom, will, determination allied to practice, that is, the more you practice, the more you will reach perfection.

    To this day all the models I make are wonderful productions of amazing designers who share their knowledge, so let go of the subject is to start another wonderful tutorial.

    I would like to point out, that the image credits and content of this model is intended for the official standard that you can know a little more by clicking here.