Today’s tutorial is home-oriented, will make all the environment more refined, charming and very beautiful. All the handmade pieces leave the environment very chic, I’m talking suspicious because my house is full of handmade rugs, all crochet.

    So let’s get to know step by step this fantastic model, suitable for getting out of any room. It takes an average of 2 weeks to make such an art, depending on time and availability.

    I got my hands dirty and it took more or less because I was making other orders together, but I believe that if you do it right, you’ll get it in less than a week.

    Simple crochet rug
    Simple crochet rug

    The rug is gorgeous, entirely handmade, mostly crochet. It is worth checking out the richness of detail and getting to know a little more about this fabulous model.

    As I always say that crochet is amazing for the possibilities that this art gives, I even like to work with the pieces because they enrich me with the details.

    Today’s tutorial is a rug, but if you stop to review everything we bring to our site you will see how much enriching material there is, it is worth checking everything and getting your hand dirty. You won’t learn anything just by looking, you’ll get your hand dirty when I started crocheting while my son was sleeping and selling pieces during the day.

    I manage my time well and follow all events. I started selling door to door and now my studio where I exhibit and produce my pieces.

    If you want crochet to actually come into your life to work and add value, start today.

    Choose any easy tutorial from our site and do the same from start to finish, just stop when you’re done, you’ll see how much it will motivate you to proceed, it will give you a boost to get to do many things.

    Outside that you will work with what you love most, doing crochet in fact is something that will bring financial and emotional stability, especially today after this tide of unemployment.

    Crocheting is getting to live this will help you a lot, keep in mind that this is a promising business, precisely because few people do.

    It’s the few that do are quite sought after, today’s tutorial is another delight that we share with you of this amazing world and it is very worth putting your hand in the dough and produce this beautiful carpet.

    After all, it will give more charm and elegance to your environment, if you are an entrepreneur just like me, it is very worth checking out this and other models that we bring to the site since all the models here are very easy to do.

    An excellent thing to sell will have a great output flow and you will be able to sell super fast.

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    The cool thing about this piece is that in fact, it will provide many orders because it is wonderfully beautiful. I’m in love, I made mine for my house.

    It is obvious that as an excellent marketer I took some pictures and disclosed them in my networks, I’m already with about 5 orders of the same piece.

    I would like to point out that all the tutorials and pieces here are intended is credit from the official website that you can check out this step by step by clicking here.