This season, due to its unique cold, most people will opt for more refined pieces, heavy coats and dresses, but it is paramount to have a poncho tucked away for winter days. Today you will learn with us how to make a crochet poncho.

    For those who are looking for more styles in their closet, crochet and knitted ponchos are a great piece, because they can complement your outfit, ensure a special touch, here we will talk about the amazing tutorial of today’s piece, but we will also give tips on how you can wear a poncho and a suit there are several ways.

    Poncho is native to countries such as Chile and Peru. Today, people still use this poncho to protect themselves from the intense cold of the region. The product is so beautiful that people from other countries are already using it. Even in southern Brazil, ponchos quickly became a fashion item, appearing in fashion shows by well-known brands such as Chanel.

    Poncho in Crochet to Use In Two Ways
    Poncho in Crochet to Use In Two Ways

    The difference between this article is that it is essentially a shirt without cavae and only with neckline. The poncho can be described as a protector of the cold, and has different variants, from the shorter and narrowest to the narrowest.

    Some brands even have different details of the poncho, such as the hood. Some styles can also be opened on the front and should be wornas a jacket. In the cities of Chile and Peru, in addition to knitted and woven clothes, it is easy to find cheerful ethnic prints.

    The poncho is a unique and versatile piece, in addition to all its beauty is a very striking piece too. When you need to incorporate a crochet poncho into your work, it is important that it suits your style.

    Therefore, choose the poncho that best suits your appearance. There are many selling options, and it is not difficult to find the one that suits you. In addition, it is important to follow some tips so that the product is valued by your body and not the other way around.

    The model we’ll teach today is just perfect, all worked on crochet couldn’t be different, from a rich piece of handmade details.

    Ponchos tend to generate more production, so it’s important to understand how to combine them with other items. To keep it light, use it with dry clothes.

    Also, if you want to hide some fat, it is recommended to use lighter wire models, as they will not produce much volume and will continue to be allies of your body. Skinny women can abuse the poncho with crochet details, such as flowers and prints, to balance the silhouette.

    The crochet and knit ted poncho caught the attention of all products and became the focus. Therefore, pay attention to the model you choose: if you have a normal neck or a more neutral color, invest in the maxicolar. There are large necklaces or tassels, with the ponchos are already clothes that draw enough attention it is important to leave the necklace in this case aside.

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    So if you got this far is want to learn how to make this amazing poncho, I would like to share with you the tutorial of this beautiful piece that you can check out all the step by step by clicking here.

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