Today’s tutorial is made for those who like and love cats, know that whole personalized in crochet blanket of kitten, perfect also to gift your pet on colder days, I simply loved this tutorial today for the personality that it disposes to me, I was delighted of course that everything I share also put my hand in the dough to do.

    It’s I made this blanket in almost 01 month, it’s a quiet blanket to be do, although well detailed the points are nice to be working, after you learn goes right.

    The cool thing about this point is versatility of it, I started to do and had enough success for other models too, the interesting to follow the tutorials we share here and exactly that, adapt what you learn to other models.

    Custom kitten crochet blanket
    Custom kitten crochet blanket

    This blanket I made one for my kitty Lola I’m finishing one to leave in the atelier and guess what, I’ve already received people interested in ordering the same.

    The idea is very cool, very beautiful and very intuitive perfect to exhibit in your store, we know that the year 2021 has not been easy for anyone, so we need to reinvent ourselves, that’s why I always bring amazing pieces and very versatile, because it ends up being easier to attract customers.

    I always think the following, being my client likes what is different, I also like it! So Like I’m looking for tutorials to recreate, I always think about bringing different experiences, adding value to my knowledge.

    So every time I bring very versatile and amazing tutorials that will add value and experience to you.

    Folks in this crisis scenario I can support myself through crochet, don’t think it’s something difficult, I practically get orders from small, medium and large every day.

    Of course you must manage your time well so that this does not hinder you in other processes of your life, but if you are an organized person, you will be able to manage your business, produce and succeed yourself.

    I tell you that initially it was not easy, the uncertainty, the fear of not working, I did not know how to succeed or not succeed in the business, just knew i should try.

    I actually had no way out, as I always mention in certain tutorials, I started out of nowhere, had crochet in my life as a leisure option, in fact a hobby to occupy my mind and forget problems.

    It is in a terrible scenario instability and unemployment, I decided to devote myself, learn and bet that it would work, I had no option, knew that from crochet I would conquer my own business and my financial independence, I always dreamed of it is knew that through crochet I would be getting closer and closer to realizing my dream.

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    Today thanks to crochet I got over the crisis, I live well, thank God i can conquer my things and financial independence and I am following the whole process of growth and development of my child.

    I want to point out that I am an apprentice, all the tutorials That I share with you, are not my own, on the contrary the image credits and production is intended for the official site of the tutorials.

    So today as always we will learn another amazing tutorial like this that will help you get an extra income and change your life, check out the same by clicking here.

    Custom kitten crochet blanket
    Custom kitten crochet blanket