The Sweat (es) is a very common, versatile and beautiful outfit used on cold days.  In winter or on cold days, sweaters are essential because they are not only warm, but also classic and charming. Weather fabrics, whether crochet or wool, have long sleeves to prevent the cold from entering.

    The styles of the suéter can range from openings with buttons to clasters with different collars. Cardigans are very suitable for days that are not very cold, and can be combined with skirts and dresses. The outline is defined above. The closed model may vary depending on the type of neck.

    The V-neck is a classic style, but there are also blouses with high collar and bald jacket shape, plus famous blouses. Due to the variety of styles, the sweaters are suitable for all styles and all types of clothing.

    Sweaters are versed and can be worn by anywoman, regardless of body shape. Women with broad shoulders should be more popular than women with cleavage. Those with dominant hips can choose a longer model and cover the area with volume.

    Necklace in friend crochet step by step
    Necklace in friend crochet step by step

    For those who want to show the upper body, the counselor recommends the choice of a sweater with high neckline and wider fabric.

    Here are some tips on how to combine your sweatwith other clothes to make your life easier and more elegant.

    If there is a classic and precise combination for the cold, it is undoubtedly a pair of sweaters and leggings,comfortable and warm, and a face in winter.

    The longer sweaters emphasize the leggings that go up to the thigh, hiding the fat and leaving the right combination for the work environment.

    To match a jacket, wear boots and a shirt under your jacket. For a more relaxed look, choose patterned leggings or colorful leggings. Choosing a collar also helps add more style and fusion to the shader. Longer leggings necklaces look great in more casual outfits.

    Knitwear and jeans are another casual and very comfortable combination. Jeans is a good partner forsweaters. To get rid of the basic style,   I recommend using a dark shader for a more refined touch. Skinny jeans, baggy pants and pants look great with a jacket.

    “Capriche  no accessories: large earrings, long collars, handbags or high boots can enhance the temperament of each product,” clarice said, making the appearance more refined. Any type of sweater can match perfectly with jeans, so don’t get in the way and choose a more exquisite jacket.

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    To romanticize the jacket, choose a combination of skirts, this jacket can be worn both indoors and outdoors. “Tight skirts, such as pencils and miniskirts, are great for loose skirts. If you match a wide-skirt, a wide skirt or wide skirt will lose a sense of sophistication.

    We recommend that you choose a narrower one and wear it over the skirt or show the waist on the belt,” said the consultant. Wear pantyhose to protect your legs on cold days. In addition to creating a more refined and modern look, the boots can also perform this function. Place your bet on the hot days. Bright, light colors leave your eyes full of summer flavor.

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