Hello crocheters, welcome to my site, brought today a tutorial on wonderful crochet and a lot of knowledge to add to you, I love everything we talk about here, because it really enriches and provides us much more productivity.

    In addition to the walkthrough of this beautiful blanket at the end of the post, we will teach you how to sell your pieces in a simple and easy way.

    So make your catalog only with parts you have already made and preferably use your own photos. But if you need to use photos from the internet to put together an improvised catalog, use only parts that you know how to make.

    Natural Blanket in Crochet
    Natural Blanket in Crochet

    This way, you won’t have any problems executing the part and delivering it to the customer.

    On our website, for example, all pieces are taught step by step. That is, beautiful pieces that you can show the customer so as not to miss any opportunity to sell. However, no problem to do everything later.

    In the end, if the customer orders the piece, you can do as it was in the photo, because the piece is taught step by step by professor Ju, who teaches everything in detail so that you have no doubts. time to do that.

    But an important warning: if you make a catalog with photos taken from the internet, don’t say they’re yours. Always give credit and don’t lie to your client.

    After all, building a business based on lies is the secret of total failure!

    Another very modern way to create a catalog is by using social networks like Facebook and Instagram. In fact, this is a way to put two things together: create an online catalog and sell online.

    That is, while doing your job, take good pictures and save them. So when you can, put it all together and make a catalog.

    You can also put photos on your social networks that will guarantee you an online catalog with access from anywhere in the world (as long as you have internet) and can even help you sell online.

    Create your identity and get your brand

    I have said that it is worth publishing your work on social networks, but it is also important to create a brand for your craft. In other words, create a tag that identifies your work.

    This tag can be just a name or a name combined with a design.

    But in any case, the important thing is that this brand is perennial. That is, it is important that you do not change later because this will be the

    Marking your craft business is important for you to be recognized in the virtual world. You can also put this tag on your photos so they don’t use them without giving them due credit. That’s because, although there are many good people on the internet, there are also people who appropriate other people’s photos.

    This practice is bad for artisans whose work is violated. On the other hand, it’s terrible for anyone who commits this kind of crime.

    After all, using photos without permission and not giving credits is very bad for anyone’s reputation. By doing this, building a successful business becomes much more difficult.

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    So I invite you to take your hand and teach you how to set up your own business, here I will give you enough knowledge for you to fly and get up in life, it is worth checking out our site and being in love with crochet.

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