Good afternoon, crocheters! Today’s tutorial is cute, focused on the children’s world, the famous naninhas made for the baby to hold arrived with everything, is the beautiful of this piece is that it is all worked in hand, that’s right, all worked in crochet, which makes the piece even more delicate and beautiful. All worked in crochet.

    Crochet is an amazing art of possibilities, and this piece is a high conversion model, I myself started to make two more on demand, but I sold before sharing with you about 5 pieces of this naninha, it is because I have enough output I decided to share.

    Speaking a little on the development part, it’s an easy piece to do, but a little laborious, it’s important that you pay close attention, before going around developing it.

    I advise you to follow the guidelines of the tutorial, this way you will have success, because the tutorial is in fact amazing and is very well explained, another important thing and be to look at the quality of the line, since it has to be specific to sensitive skins, not to cause any discomfort, irritation or any other type of allergy on the baby’s skin.

    Naninha in Crochet Bunny Lovey
    Naninha in Crochet Bunny Lovey

    It’s a piece that should be evaluated fondly before production, being you’re starting is a great model to start with.

    I advise you to make the first model and then invest in the marketing of the piece. For sure you will receive new orders, since in fact it is an exciting model.

    It’s a perfect gift for newly arrived babies, moms fall in love, the first baby I produce, went to my son, still in 2018 and believe me, he used it for a long time, it’s worth it, give a safety to the child, it’s a piece that is also quite high.

    Now talking a little about entrepreneurship, being you got here, is unemployed and wants to undertake, crochet is a branch that has space for everyone, I myself started after a crisis and I’ve known crochet since very young, of course the skills with the thread and needle I have improved now.

    I still have certain difficulties in the business, but I’m working it to be able to evolve, since it’s a difficult line of work.

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    Believe me, your first pieces didn’t come out perfect, you’ll achieve perfection over time, little by little, producing very slowly, gradually you’ll reach perfection.

    The important and do not give up and go in search of your dream, be you want to actually learn crochet, invest your time and go on search, you will manage to achieve your maximum performance, and will be honored not to have given up this market that has a more than promising growth.

    I would like to point out, that all image credits and content of the tutorials, including this is credit of the official standard that you will check all the information of this amazing template by clicking here.