Hello dear followers, today I come to bring a simple, cute, elegant and delicate pattern. As you already know our materials are always dedicated to those who love crochet like us, that’s why we always seek the best possible content, in order to make them even happier and dedicated to our beloved crochet. Today we will talk about this delicate and simple crochet pattern to diversify the environment that you want. Crochet is an art that never goes out of style because it is always evolving.

    And nowadays this craft is also in the hands of artisans, where they make beautiful pieces to obtain extra income with the crochet and also show their talents. However, there are those who do crochet as a hobby, or even to be a way to survive this beautiful work.

    Through this post today we will bring you many tips and important information to start crochet at home and make money in a very simple way, if you want.

    Myriads Of Stars

    Thus we can make beautiful models of chochet knowing that we will not be out of fashion and we will also be attentive to news and contests, even for men, as men artisans are also smart for crochet. The simple children’s crochet blanket that we will learn today is simply fantastic and very easy to make.

    Myriads Of Stars 2

    Many people ask me how to make money by crocheting.
    Does crochet make money?

    The big question for those who are starting or already working in the area is whether producing crochet makes money or not? The truth is that it depends a lot, but in most cases you can get very interesting gains.

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    There are people who can earn good money in the area and earn $ 2 to $ 3,000 a month from their products. While other people use crochet only as a source of extra income, they can earn $ 200 to $ 500 a month.

    The truth is that if you have dedication, you can make crochet a very profitable thing and support your family with it. Therefore, the most important thing is to focus on the work and always strive to produce the highest quality parts possible. And finally, get to work!

    We would like to thank all our followers for their suggestions and sharing of our work.

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