Today I bring a modern pattern and cute at the same time, the crochet blankets have always been a remarkable trend of the time and with this pattern would be no different.

    I decided to make a red and one identical to the official standard and I’m amazed, it is really beautiful, versatile and very perfect, in the richness of details of the piece, to the logo of the tutorials that we will share here, in addition to the step by step I’m sharing how you can be develop as an entrepreneur in the crochet business.

    So it is important that you seek a lot of knowledge, our site is a rich portal for this, it is will help you a lot to evolve as an artisan.

    Don’t get stuck in a single niche

    Enjoy the fact that you start now and test everything, try it all! Make decorative items like tablecloths and bathroom games, but also make fashionable clothes and accessories.

    Venture further into the Amigurumi and create cute pets that you can introduce to friends and family at first. And still try to create pieces with knitting threads. Don’t get stuck in a single niche.

    Modern Hearts Baby Crochet Blanket
    Modern Hearts Baby Crochet Blanket

    It is perfectly normal that you prefer a certain segment within the crochet. I’d rather make clothes on my own. However, it is very important to know how to do everything. This makes it a versatile make-up and still increases your job opportunities, being able to receive orders for different products in periods of low turnover.

    You have to learn to sell your pieces. This tip is very important, because the vast majority of artisans just do not know how to sell their products.

    Today we have the internet as a superpowerful and democratic tool that the internet is in our favor. It is a great ally in promoting the work of small business owners. And there are several tools available for this. The best part is that the vast majority of them are still free.

    In addition to the networks and channels of interaction that we have knowntraditionally, there is also WhatsApp, which is used by many people to sell for its practicality and speed of communication. Plus, invest to make it easier to communicate with your customers.

    I invite you to take a look at other tutorials on our website:

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    Finally, you need to know how to manage all these tools. And in the case of a do-it-yourself, you’ll probably do all the work of creating content and interacting with the customer yourself.

    So invest in free post scheduling apps, learn how to take good photos with your phone, use free photo editors, and invest in courses around the region as well.

    Actually, it’s never going to happen, but do it anyway. Creating enterprise is a lot of work, but when I do that, you can do it, too. And it’s very gratifying to work with what we love.

    And I do it with a lot of love!

    Crocheters, let’s go for one more tutorial?

    The image credits and content and intended for the official standard that you can check by clicking here.