Do you want to learn the basics of macramê in crochet step by step? Over the years, macramê knots are still one of the most popular weaving techniques in the world. If you are looking for a new hobby or some activity to relax in your spare time or even be making an extra income opportunity.

    This millenary technique will allow you to create a multitude of decorative pieces, such as the famous  macramé hairmen or bracelets. Macrame is the art of knotted weaving. It is a millenary decorative technique in which only hands are used to weave, it is today the technique has been widely used combined with crochet.

    Although, in its early days, macramé was used as a means of fixing the edges of weaving pieces as the edges of carpets with babylonians became a decorative weaving technique par excellence. They achieved such dominance and dexterity that the Arabs later brought macramé to Europe and then the Europeans to America.

    Macramê Crochet Bag
    Macramê Crochet Bag

    Although macramê knots lost popularity in the following years, they reappeared in 1970 with the dyes of modernity. Macramé, today, is characteristic of the bohemian style, unlike previous years, because, at that time, it accompanied the classic designs.

    It is today we bring an amazing tutorial of a bag model bag made for you who likes to rock the fashion of creativity.

    What’s the macramé for?

    What can I do with the macramé knots? The macramé, being an art that uses knots to form a pattern, is used to design almost all textile or decorativeobjects s.

    Its versatility allows it to be used for almost everything, you can make braids to decorate or design handbags, jewelry, flower pots, lamps, tapestries, curtains and even clothes.

    Macramê Tips for Beginners

    Looking for macramé tips for beginners? We’ll help you! Here are some basic macramé tips to help you avoid mistakes. Although the macramê key is the node, we give some previous tips that will facilitate the learning process. The hemp cord is perfect for making basic macramê knots as it allows us to work and undo knots with ease.

    If you’re making jewelry, nylon is a good learning ally, for the same reasons as the hemp cord. Organize your work and set goals to achieve your goals.

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    Don’t forget to tie a knot (or use transparent enamel) at the ends of the cord to prevent it from shredding. Save the remaining pieces to practice.

    The macramê allied to crochet is an amazing art and this is what we brought today a bag all hand crafted, made with much love and affection that you will love.

    Continue with us and check out on the official website this amazing model made in macramê, the cool of this piece that is will look beautiful in the decoration of your environment, I would like to point out that the image credit and the content and intended for the official site that you can check by clicking here.