Hello wonderful crocheters, the tutorial I come to bring today is a beautiful jacket model Sweat in crochet, wonderfully amazing, looked beautiful on the body and besides it is very warm, for cold days an excellent option to have in the wardrobe as a joker piece.

    It matches several looks and will make you passionate just as I’m talking a little about the execution of the model, I found it easy, my difficulty was only to unite the colors, since it is not a coat of a single color, more in the too much I manage to do wonderfully well.

    I’m passionate about the tutorials I bring and with this would not be different, I found simply passionate, but I do not consider an easy tutorial, pay enough attention to the execution, because this can hinder you at the time of development of the piece and it does not come out as expected.

    Invest your time initially in learning the step by step, see the whole tutorial, go doing it little by little and for sure will be a beautiful suéter.

    I love to talk, as crochet has evolved and grown in the market, it is not a toa that today it is possible to do anything you think of in the world of crochet, it is worth dedicating, as it is a market that has been growing a lot.

    It’s I always think the following, I want to invest in something that not everyone does, that’s exactly what happens to crochet, it’s not everyone who does it, the more there are few who invest.

    So I want to be this minority, because I’m sure, when they think about crochet will have me as a reference in the business, another important thing and ally with their knowledge in crochet to digital marketing, that is, every crocheter needs to be an excellent marketer.

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    Have you ever heard of word-of-mouth marketing? That’s how you’re going to grow, that’s how you’re going to build portfolio in the market, that’s how I evolve to the point of being a benchmark in what I do.

    I don’t regret it at all, I love what I do, that’s what I’ve been living and I’ve been taking away my livelihood, today with two years of active experience.

    I want to thank you strongly who has followed everything we posted here, but of course I know, that regardless of anything, the branch has a lot to be learn, so I’m here always sharing eye-filling tutorials.

    Because I’m sure that just as I’m in love, so will my client, so I just share what somehow fills my eyes, after all that’s how we first win our audience.

    Another cool thing, is that everything we bring here has already been done by wonderful successful designers in the business, I do not tire of saying, how much crochet is an art that opens doors of possibilities, especially in the difficult year we live.

    One important thing I would like to point out, is that the image credits and content of the tutorial is intended for the official website so you can check out more amazing information of the pattern by clicking here.