Crochet crafts is ideal for you looking for a relaxing job and an extra source of income.  It is possible to make several different pieces with crocheting stitches to decorate your home like rugs, curtains, cushions, quilts, crochet flowers among others.

    An important tip for you to produce beautiful pieces with perfect finish is to acquire quality lines or wool and needles with correct dimensions.

    For those who want to learn crocheting, know that this activity is a relatively easy to do and low-cost technique. Therefore, we will teach you how to elaborate some points and pieces for you to start this rewarding crafts. Check out what we’ve specially set up for you!

    Dress in Crochet Easy Puff Dress Tutorial Dress in Crochet Easy Puff Dress Tutorial Dress in Crochet Easy Puff Dress Tutorial Dress in Crochet Easy Puff Dress Tutorial Dress in Crochet Easy Puff Dress Tutorial
    Dress in Crochet Easy Puff Dress Tutorial

    If you want to learn how to crochet it is necessary to invest in basic kit consisting of a thread ball and a needle. Usually in the packaging of the crochet thread is specified the appropriate needle number for you to weave.

    The little stitch is the beginning of all crochet work. Source: Easy Crocheting

    The point correction is critical to any crochet work as it is the starting point used for all pieces. To work out this stitch you should wrap the yarn around the crochet needle hook and pull through the loop on your hook.

    You must repeat this laque many times until you reach the desired measurement for the part you will produce. Therefore, pay attention to the number of points required.

    The low point is done by picking up just one thread on the back in all rows to leave an accordion format. You can also make the low using the two wires.

    The very low point is used in career amendments, terminations and to walk on the job. Source: Easy Crocheting

    The very low point is a loop that serves to connect one point to the other. This point is not visible in the final work because it has no volume and height.

    The crochet rug is a trend in the décor of kitchen, bathroom, hallway, living room, entrance hall and bed sides. A crocheting rug can be made of string, thread or wool of one color or you can mix divers thetones in the same piece.

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    You can use different stitches in the making of a crochet rug allowing you to create various styles, shapes and designs in the piece. In rustic-style décor, bet on crochet rug made with raw string and oval shape. This material is very cheap and can be found in stores specializing in wool and lines or even in stationery stores.

    More than creative, crochet give life in everything that is reproduced by it and leaves a more than special mark, I would like to point out, that all tutorials including today’s is credit exclusive to the official website that you can check out other amazing patterns by clicking here.