Always bringing news today’s production is extremely elegant, a cardigan that is the feel of the whole moment worked by hand, made especially in crochet to warm you on the coldest days. I want to emphasize the importance of our work the richness of details that they have is the pleasure I have in making each piece that I consider unique.

    In fact, crochet is a work that has brought me peace and changed my life, I’ve been doing it for some time now and I’ve been bringing and sharing tutorials from various professionals and designers in the industry that represent exactly everything to me. I like to work with crochet because, in fact, it is something that evolves and relaxes my mind, I carry crochet ties from much younger, only now have I decided to dive.

    In the old days, I went to the events and church workshops dedicating myself to learning, there were always people older than me doing and I was amazed by all that manual work, I started to do out of nothing, just to learn and relax my mind.

    Crochet Tutorial on Patchwork Cardigan
    Crochet Tutorial on Patchwork Cardigan

    At the time I barely knew how to pick up the needle, in fact, it was a very difficult job for my person, gradually I was evolving, learning, dedicating myself and today I can do the crochet with my eyes closed.

    I love the art of turning the thread into needle pieces, it makes me passionate and very thoughtful, as it can transform thread and needle into pieces so rich in detail and sophistication.

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    The Cardigan is a piece that arrived a while ago and leaves any woman extremely elegant, I have several models and what I bring today is excellent for the coldest days we live.

    All worked by hand, will give a charm and so much on your body, the cool thing about this piece is that it matches everything, including pants, shorts, shorts and even a skirt.

    I like to work Cardigan very creative and different, can be a joker piece to enhance your look is to make you beautiful as always.

    I started to do the same piece and found it super easy and very simple, I had no difficulties in the points, but being you are a beginner, I recommend you just do this.

    What will motivate you in this execution process is exactly completing the pieces, it will leave you motivated to make other tutorials.

    If you’re a beginner, I advise you to be proactive and persistent, in crochet this is the only way to learn, persisting a lot in what you want.

    It’s been good dissemination of your work, people need to know what you do, in every piece you can complete, make a good photo and disclose on your network.

    The best marketing is the one we call word of mouth will take you far beyond what you imagine and this will help you enter this market.

    I would like to point out that not only today’s tutorial, plus all other tutorials are credit exclusive and intended for the official website that you can check out step by step by clicking here.