Today’s tutorial is well up for as long as we’re living, a gorgeous cardigan all crafted in manual crochet stitches made to make you stylish, sophisticated, heated and ready for any time.

    A very versatile crochet piece that give you to play with the looks and is very comfortable, I started to make a model like this and took a little more than 15 days to finish, I found the piece in difficulty level easy, after you learn the point goes from start to finish concluding the same.

    What makes the model yummy and versatile to be working, the cool thing about this piece is in the versatility of the point that once learned you can aggregate the same to build and reproduce other pieces to your liking.

    Tutorial in Crochet Gertie Cardigan
    Tutorial in Crochet Gertie Cardigan

    The cool of having a Cardigan in the wardrobe and that is a joker piece, you can wear with pants, shorts, skirt and any other piece that matches the same, as this model of the tutorial is colorful you can play a lot with the look from the most formal to the most veritable and stripped.

    The cool of this piece too and that it is perfect for this time of year, this is because we are on cooler and colder days and the cardigan is worn as if it were a coat.

    As it is all worked out in the same crochet will provide you with the necessary warmth, having keeping comfortable and stylish.

    So if you came to this tutorial by chance recommend that you do the same from start to finish, either for you or for work, it is a piece that has excellent output conversion.

    I recommend at most that you have two models like this in your atelier, one neutral and the other colored and the other piece sale on demand and I gave the deadline of 30 days to produce, for sure you will finish the model before, because it is very quiet.

    But watch out for the material, deadline and even step by step of the tutorial will ensure the success you will have in creating this piece, I have also been a beginner crocheter and know that when we are at the beginning we think about giving up, because in fact it is not an easy job.

    But my results motivated me, and I did just that, took one tutorial at a time, went from start to finish and only stopped when i finished, when I finished a certain model I felt really motivated to take another tutorial.

    That’s exactly how I can gain my financial independence, professional improvement and intellectual development.

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    Gradually I was no longer having my difficulties as a beginner, I was working on the models, I was seeking more knowledge through the tutorials until it evolves to the point of having my own business.

    Of course nothing in my life was easy, gradually I was growing up and today I live exclusively from crochet, all this just took a turn after a scenario of unemployment and crisis.

    So if you are a person who has been suffering from unemployment problems, lack of professional perspective and is seeking to crochet an extra source of income.

    I say to you today, why not make crochet a lace for you? You should be asking: how do I do this? Learning, watching and putting into practice tutorials that we bring here by the site you can check today the official tutorial of this template by clicking here.

    It is worth mentioning that this tutorial and all images of the content and intended for the official website.

    Tutorial in Crochet Gertie Cardigan
    Tutorial in Crochet Gertie Cardigan