We are at a time of year a little cooler and surpassing colder days, today’s tutorial will teach you the step by step of a blanket all worked in crochet that will warm you up on the coldest days we are living.

    All the pieces crafted in crochet have an amazing warmth, so today’s blanket or blanket that we will teach you is perfect for warming you up or decorating your home, the whole piece worked in closed stitches and extremely beautiful, I brought today’s tutorial in order to show how amazing crochet is indeed.

    Another important tip and what I would like to share is that many people have not yet been able to visualize crochet as a promising branch, i.e. a high-scale market. Pieces like these are excellent to have inside the atelier, because it is easy to sell, it is worth investing your time and improving your technique more and more and having pieces like these exposed in the atelier, will sell super easy and you will receive many orders.

    Tunisian crochet blanketn
    Tunisian crochet blanketn

    Another thing I always say is to have crochet as a professional and promising growth market, meaning to grow in the business, invest your time in learning and evolving.

    Crochet is persistence, self-knowledge, balance and in fact you will have to move your mind to learn, one day at a time, you will learn something new.

    I myself do not know everything and I’m sure I will always learn, I share all the tutorials that I find interesting, precisely because I also learn.

    I started crocheting at a very young age, attended the Baptist church in my town that had a crochet workshop, but didn’t learn much, just a little correntinha and easy stitches.

    After COVID-19 I lost my stability in the company, a job That I was already 6 years old, even though I was not very satisfied was the job I believed to be for much longer.

    Came this crisis, wild tide everywhere, I was sent away, that is, to see me unemployed, with rent and child to raise, without having what to do and the job market problematic this way.

    Come to me without floor, that’s when one night, after my son slept I went to crochet, wanted a bag and then it came as a light under my eyes, why not make pieces and more pieces of crochet to sell.

    Gradually I grew up, evolved and saw that crochet could take an extra income, be I buy the pieces I see out there, people can have me as a reference when thinking about crochet.

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    I dedicated myself without pity to myself, day and night working hard, until I could actually learn what I needed, today I already do the pieces with my eyes closed.

    And I share tutorials that I think will serve my audience, I really hope you enjoy the content we share here.

    I would also like to point out that image credits and content and intended for the official website you will check more information of it by clicking here.