When talking about crochet give to create one piece more beautiful and sophisticated than the other. Today’s tutorial squanderes delicacy, sensuality and a lot of charm of a piece that give to use in various situations.

    The famous Cropped in crochet are pieces that have marked history and have come to be feverish at the moment, from the younger public to the more experienced embraced crochet as the art of creativity.

    I started doing this piece and it took me a while to finish, very simple the points you manage to produce several and it’s a piece worth thinking about marketing. I simply loved, in addition to valuing the silhouette of the woman, leaves the curve of the body beautiful, the model of this top very reminiscent of a pear.

    Step by Step Top Clam
    Step by Step Top Clam

    The cool thing about this model is that the points are very versatile, from the same I originated several others, I’m with projects running soon I share with you.

    I always like to say that crochet is the art of possibilities, I myself when I start doing a tutorial I wonder what I can originate from that same point is actually something very promising.

    This top for example looks beautiful with a denim shorts, jeans and even a black shorts. It’s beautiful and very versatile, so it’s worth devoting your time and producing a piece like this.

    The cool thing is that you will spend little material, it is a quick piece to produce and very easy to do, in a few minutes you will give rise to the model and ready.

    Be a marketer, be you is a beginner, make a piece, take photo and disclose to your networks, I always try to invest my time in parts of easy development.

    This is because the easier and faster you will be motivated to develop other models, so I invite you to scour my entire site and separate only the easy tutorials, even if you are a beginner.

    Start one tutorial at a time, follow all the guidelines and step by step, if I did not work, dismantle and do it again, you will notice that following the recommended piece will be perfect.

    It is worth betting on easy tutorials, because you will be feel motivated to finish the same and manage to proceed to another, the bad and start several and not finish any.

    Another important tip is to be persistent, crochet is the art of possibilities and in fact you will only be able to learn to be dedicating, the more you devote the better it will be.

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    In practice it’s something simple, after you learn the basics in crochet, you’ll notice that even the way to hold the needle changes and that’s what you have to do.

    It’s all this is acquired exactly with the practice, will be practicing that you will achieve the perfection of the points and tutorials, so let’s stop chatting and put your hand in the dough.

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