You know what I’m amazed at in crochet? It is the possibility of transformation I was delighted by this model of carpet in sheet format, my customers loved and I already received orders.

    The cool is the very cute and modern customization that a model like this provides to the environment, really I was passionate is want to share with you, this tutorial is very easy I had no difficulty in doing the same, just follow and manage to complete my carpet in 15 days successfully.

    It can not fail to share with you, because it is a very interesting model for those who work in the business, in fact who look will be passionate and order. Of course I made one that is already mine and released the photo, all artisan has to be an excellent marketer, because that’s how it will boost your work.

    Rug in crochet leaf model
    Rug in crochet leaf model

    This model it is very cool, because it is in fact a sheet on the floor, give all a charm, delicacy and customization in the environment I found amazing.

    They can do without fear that it will be successful selling, so be sure to follow the tutorial.

    One tip I want to emphasize in this tutorial is importance of persisting, practicing and wanting to learn, at first I barely knew how to hold a crochet needle. Today I already follow the tutorials without having to look to needle is detail I make several pieces in a week.

    The practice won me and led me to the great persistence that is this branch, I want to emphasize the importance of being a creative and open person to the new, doing crochet requires passion, this because it involves all manual work.

    Which by itself already squanders a lot of charm and beauty, another cool thing is that crochet has done very well for people who are living the pandemic, we are living a social isolation and we need to take care of our mind, crochet works the mind and all its motor coordination.

    This is extremely important to our mind, it is an excellent therapy and will help you a lot to create a new way to be caring and reinventing in this market.

    You know what nobody’s doing in your town? It can be done by you, we need to always think outside the box is the crochet will provide you with this.

    Let your imagination take and follow and enjoy the tutorials we bring here that will surely enrich your knowledge and will make you create beautiful and perfect pieces as is.

    As I said at the beginning it’s a good opportunity for those who are unemployed because crochet is something profitable and profitable to be seen with entrepreneurial eyes.

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    I started after a crisis that came on the market, had crochet in my life just as a hobby is today I’m here on my website, shared knowledge, living exclusively from crochet that provides me more than source of income, plus also comfort to raise my child is to live exclusively from it.

    I do what I love, I don’t work for anyone, I’m inside my house going through this moment we live in today’s pandemic.

    So leave laziness, think outside the box and bora follow another amazing tutorial like this, where the image credits and content is all from the official website that you can check out by clicking here.

    Rug in crochet leaf model
    Rug in crochet leaf model