Welcome to our site, I would like today to share with you this amazing tutorial that will leave you well heated on the coldest days of intense winter. Crochet is an art of possibilities with thread and needles.

    It has been quite cold in my city and the requests I have of blankets, scarf and winter items have increased a lot; today’s tutorial will warm your heart with this blanket all colorful, very cute.

    I would like to praise this work that is indeed very incredible, notice the delicacy of this piece and richness of detail of it, it will be amazing after it is ready.

    In addition, the blankets are very common as pieces and decoration items, whether in your living room or in your room the piece will be in fact beautiful, I like the work and tones chosen in this model.

    Rainbow Ridge Beginner Colorful Crochet Blanket
    Rainbow Ridge Beginner Colorful Crochet Blanket

    In fact, it will make your environment more beautiful and very cheerful, after all the colors of this tutorial are very vivid, I loved it.

    I started to do my play and I’m in love, I like tones so it leaves me motivated to finish and check the result, detail I have already released the outline of this work that is running and I already have people interested in ordering.

    This is mine, I’ll make two more models to leave in the atelier, in case anyone comes there looking for blankets in this cold, I’m sure you will have an excellent exit.

    I found the points super interesting to be working for the versatility and ease of it, I’m doing mine already has about 3 weeks and I’ll finish soon, I take a tutorial at a time there it gets easier.

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    If you are a crocheter and are starting in this business, it is worth taking a look at our site and check out the amazing tutorials we have around here, are beautiful models and very easy to do.

    Start with the easy tutorials and evolve as time goes by, this will help you a lot, because practicing in crochet will actually lead you to perfection.

    Invest your time in learning good content, even if you don’t know how to hold the needle initially, this and only the beginning, you’ll get it.

    It was so with me, I didn’t know anything, had crochet just as a hobby evolve a lot over time and today, I can make pieces as amazing as this.

    Crochet is a promising business, has an amazing market to explore, from blankets, socks, caps, bed linen, tablecloth and among other items even to decorate your environment.

    I invite you to scour my site and learn the tips, techniques and tutorials we have here on the site, which will enrich you your knowledge, another thing I need to make clear is that crochet is persistence.

    Rainbow Ridge Beginner Colorful Crochet Blanket
    Rainbow Ridge Beginner Colorful Crochet Blanket

    Initially, it seems to be something difficult, but over time the practice of crochet will be will make it easy, take your time and invest in knowledge, that’s exactly what will take you to perfection.

    Crochet is an art world of creativity, with thread and needle you can do whatever you want, I gave wings to your imagination.

    I would like to point out that the image credits and content of this tutorial and intended for the official website you can check more information of the pattern by clicking here