The art of crochet really is something more than exciting, just look at the pieces we can use and com make a decoration that the environment is in fact a great charm, I do crochê already some time and always share amazing tutorials like this in order to bring to those who need more knowledge.

    Do not think that when I started, it was something easy, I had to pity even actually learn everything in this business, today I consider myself a design, I have my own business and live exclusively from crochet.

    The booster that made me dive headfirst into this business was in fact unemployment, which caught me off guard after the pandemic. Today I crochet for hobbies, lots of love, and work.

    Crochet pillow cover with leftover Bobble Stitch Pillow Cover yarn
    Crochet pillow cover with leftover Bobble Stitch Pillow Cover yarn

    Crochet is an art that drives anyone who wants to learn, ma s you will need to have persistence and get right to the point, actually, put your hand in the dough, it won’t be overnight that you’ll be becoming an expert on the subject.

    So, if you really want to learn and succeed in this business, I indicate that you take the tutorials that you have on our site and do one at a time, never go out doing several tutorials at once.

    Because what will propel you and exactly the fact of crocheting and finishing the piece, you will be proud to be able to complete the models and so be will motivate you to make others.

    As I always speak in almost all the tutorial tips that I expose here, it is important to pick up the piece after it is ready, set up your scenario, and disseminate it on your social networks.

    I always say that every crocheter needs to be marketer, in the sense of knowing how to take good pictures and so disclose your material, I made a lot of success with word-of-mouth marketing, much of my customers came by indication.

    I just learned to publicize my work, mas don’t think it was easy, I started selling my crochet pieces on the street, in the cold and in the intense heat.

    I simply produced the night, after my son went to sleep and sold during the day, I stayed like this for a long period of time, only after a while.

    I went conquistador clientele, was arriving order and I was reducing the goings the street for sale, after a long period I saw that had capacity for more.

    It is then that I decided to open my business, today I work in the comfort of my home, I can manage honey hor my time, I see all my son’s development.

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    I can take care of the house and do everything I need, without difficulty, more for that I had to be persistent, go after what I wanted, go over tiredness, work at dawn, not allow me to get sick.

    Sometimes super exhausted I was working and learning, the simple in fact I share the tutorials that I find interesting and thinking about helping people from all over the world to grow as professionals.

    So let’s stop chatting and learn today this amazing tutorial that will leave your environment more modern, beautiful, sophisticated, and with great taste.

    I would like to make it clear that this piece is the credit of the official website, where all the images and content mentioned here are of the same, to check out the step-by-step of this amazing model click here.