Crochet is a very old and traditional art among artisans. But even so, there are always new people interested in learning how to do this wonderful manual work! Although it seems complicated, crochet can be amazing!

    However, what else comes up when we are learning something? Doubts, of course!  Today’s tutorial is extremely wonderful, check with us the importance of this art and see why you should invest in knowledge.

    Crochet for beginners

    If you’re looking for crochet tips for beginners and need to get some fleas out of your ears, don’t be ashamed, this moment is all yours!

    Read our post, clarify some questions, and if you want to ask us anything else, just write here in the comments when you finish reading! Preparation? So let’s go!

    What materials do I need to start crocheting?

    We could say only thread and needle. But, we also recommend that you have at hand a point marker and scissors.

    Crochet Patchwork Kitchen Game
    Crochet Patchwork Kitchen Game

    The thread and needle are the north of your work. But since no one is perfect, especially those who are starting out, it is very common for some unforeseen events to happen, like us in the wires, or you need to break a career so much to remake, that the yarn will lose its quality.

    The point marker is also important for cases of you needing to have control of when a career starts and ends, especially in round pieces and amigurumis.

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    What are fantasy points?

    There are no specific crochet stitches for beginners and for professional crocheters. Since the beginning of working with crochet, the craftsman has come into contact with all possibilities, which will vary according to the mastery of the technique is the combination of certain stitches.

    The fantasy dots are combinations between the stitches that already exist in crochet, but which together were a differentiated design, such as stars, pineapples, popcorn etc.

    What are raises?

    Imagine the following situation: you made a career with six high points. When starting a new career, instead of making the same six points you just did, you’ll score 12 points. How? We explain: Instead of making a single point on top of the base point of the previous career, you will score two points at that same base point. With that, your play will increase.

    The increases are not necessarily twice the previous career. Sometimes they’re interval. You make two raises, two normal points, two more raises, and so until the end of your career.

    This is for you to develop your piece. You increase until you reach the desired size. Just watch out for the amounts of raises you make. Follow the guidelines of the recipes very well, or your piece can enchant or embaba.

    Youhave no idea what I’m talking about? Continue reading and you’ll find out.

    What are decreases?

    Decreases are opposed to increases. Come on, imagine a situation again.

    You started making a pencil skirt. You did the waist stitches, then you had to make some raises for the hip region, and now you go to the legs and you need to finish. This model skirt is very waist-high and follows the curves of the body, getting tightly glued to the legs. So you need to start shrinking your piece, so it’s pretty tight.

    To make a decrease, it’s as if you “ate” a point. This will make your play shrink, or fine-tune.

    Again, decreases don’t necessarily happen in an entire career. They can be interspersed as well. And, done incorrectly, can also compromise the outcome of your work.

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