Hello my loves, all right? I hope so, today I bring the success of a differentiated stitch in crochet that through it you can give rise to amazing pieces and models following these references.

    I love to bring stitches like this, because it makes us get out of the routine of the stitch’s patterns, we know, I myself started to do with this beautiful stitch, a crochet blanket for a Queen bed, imagine only the richness of detail, expose a beautiful and amazing piece with this.

    There’s no way you can’t fall in love, the cool thing is that from this point you can give rise to other beautiful patterns, it is and what I’m going to say next.

    Introduction to the Balandra point
    Introduction to the Balandra point

    I ask you; how many times have you thought about giving up on learning crochet?

    I’m sure as a beginner crocheter, several times almost made him give up, thinking he would not succeed, because this also happened to me!

    Today after 02 years of much struggle, learning and development, I can already do numerous tutorials, or rather countless pieces in crochet only with visual knowledge, that is, through the tutorials and patterns I bring here.

    Of course, the passion for this art, development and willpower led me to perfection, no one is born knowing, we be developed is that’s what happened to me, over time I learned that crocheting is passion.

    I’ve always been passionate about the possibility of turning thread and needle into pieces, that’s not changed, however, the responsibilities of life made me go another way, after a moment of need, very despair and emotional desiquilíbrio I saw the crochet all I needed to live.

    Balance, work, love and hobby combined with an art that transformed my life.

    Allied to a will that be developed and comes to be developing, today I live from it is assure you that it was one of the best life choices I made, more than passionate, I am a person who does not leave crochet for nothing, because it was from him that I found my calm.

    Entrepreneurship is an art for the few, have you ever thought about crocheting and along with that undertake?

    I saw in the crochet that the undertake, could be done differently, in a different way and in a unique way, so in fact I wanted this!

    I wanted to be unique, I wanted to do something that only my person develops well, that’s what I did, today I crochet for all the reasons mentioned, including the site is precisely for the act of sharing, sharing, helping, learning, entrepreneurship.

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    Thank you to all of you who are always here with me supporting me, so I hope that this motivation goes all the way to you, is that along with that success certainly comes.

    Are we going to learn? Today’s tutorial brings as always, a piece rich in detail, enthralling in the look, I would mention that the image credits and content of this template is intended for the official website of the standard that you can check everything by clicking here.