Amazing is the possibility that crochet makes available to those who want to change their lives, today’s tutorial is quite different from what I’ve been bringing, all worked by hand, you will learn how to make an amazing crochet hat.

    Crochet represents much more than manual work, it is a handmade work that will give more versatility, practicality, in addition to making your pieces more beautiful and delicate.

    Today’s tutorial will teach you how to make a piece that will give an extra charm to your summer pieces, a crochet hat, with just thread and needle you will make this gorgeous model that will leave your look beautiful and sophisticated.

    I always say that crochet is an art of possibilities and creativity, in addition you will occupy your mind, bring more peace and balance to your life.

    Hat on fedora crochet model
    Hat on fedora crochet model

    I started as a great hobby that today is my main income, I live on it and I tell you with all the property that I do not regret anything, it is what brings me peace of mind, financial stability and comfort of everything I have today.

    In a great crisis scenario, I found the peace I needed so much, today I work in the comfort of my home, I dedicate myself to crochet as a source of income and get over time to make my name in the market.

    I started in crochet as a source of income, sold my pieces door to door and today I have the same as the main source of income, I do not regret anything to have dedicated myself, that’s what really changed my life, I risked everything believing that my business was going to work out.

    If you are starting invite you to visit my entire site and see how much wonderful material we have here, the tutorials will teach you in practice how to do every thing you want, after all here we work many pieces, the purpose of sharing with you and exactly teach and help how to get there.

    It was through tutorials like this that I managed to achieve my goal, which was exactly this to be able to make pieces and pieces, I am evolving my knowledge a lot and I believe That I will be able to advance much more.

    So being you is a beginner crocheter, I invite you to look at the tutorials we bring here and be dedicate, gradually you will succeed in your production.

    Don’t give up, one step at a time you’ll manage to achieve your goal and get there, because crochet and exactly that possibility and persistence.

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    So do not give up, devote yourself, believe that you can get where you want, gradually will conquer your space in the market, I would like to point out, that all the tutorials I share here is credit of the official website that you can check out lots of information in the pattern that we will make available at the end of the post.

    Another thing I need to highlight from crochet and exactly the promising branch that the market has, I myself have an atelier that sells every day, I get orders weekly, do your part, defocus, learn that the results will come.

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