Tracking fashion in crochet is a task that women love, and if they want to stay on top of the beach fashion trend, little craftsmanship can be inspired by some of the patterns they can see and fall in love with in the post, and still have graphics and recipes to use their needles.

    For those who are advocates of the saying “less is more”, you can keep these patterns among your favorites. Value options make parts with dots and modeling easier, but still beautiful.

    For those who prefer varied options in crocheted dresses is that behave in shape, but decent, but still have a lot of style, this piece is perfect. The model consists of different points and there are details of more open points, which accentuate the piece and let the body part emerge.

    Dress in crochet tutorial
    Dress in crochet tutorial

    The nude color of this piece is already beautiful and promises to continue to be a trend for years to come. However, in addition to the color, there is a pattern of crocheted bathing suitthat consists mainly of closed points and small details that are more open in the belly area, leaving the pattern morethe tual.

    This option is ideal for those who look for simple points in the production of the work and do not give up on the modern model. The closed spots form only the parts that cover the intimate areas, and even enter the bikini, but the detail of the open spots connects these parts and creates a plot in the abdomen.

    The fashion of the pieces that deceive the mother also extended to the crocheted swimsuits, and if before the swimsuits were a piece of the grandmother, now it is completely different. This model is known for cuts that leave the body exposed and characterize the beachwear model as modern.

    The inspiration here is a super glamorous model, where closed spots form a kind of bikini and the union of these parts forms a body with closer modeling and open points that form a design in this area.

    In addition to the colorful closed dots, the detail has multiple open dots and was made with black wire, which improves the craftsman’s dexterity. The mother trick is the most correct term to define this super young and modern piece.

    Bodies follow the trend of more closed openpoints. This model crochet swimsuit is known for following the style with more open stitches and for leaving the body more to admire.

    The piece of beach and swimming pool, besides having its own charm, deserves special attention and is not at all recommended for those who want to sunbathe, after all, the traces of open spots on the body are far from fashion trends. Drawings that are created on the body parts highlight the work.

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