Today’s tutorial is very simple, I decided to share it with you because through this wonderful and different point I recreated different patterns that I revealed on my website and decided to share, the point is very beautiful, it looks amazing in each piece and worth learning. This crochet stitch is wonderful.

    From the same point I already made a tablecloth, a blanket and now I’m making a blouse, all worked at the same point, I was very interested because it is very closed and has some details that make us observe differently.

    I’m a suspicious person when it comes to crochet because I’m in love and I’ve been doing it for some time, so, as I always say, I went back to digging on the Internet and found this tutorial.

    Crochet diamond dot check out the tutorial
    Crochet diamond dot check out the tutorial

    I wasn’t excited at the time and I started doing it, I found it very easy and the finish in this pattern is beautiful. It was worth learning, a tip that I always give to those who start, and transmit information that adds value.

    What do I mean by that?

    I know how to crochet, but suddenly in looking I found a different point from what I already produce, in other words, I added knowledge, I made another pattern and I will share with you.

    So I ask him? Did you happen to stop and look through our website? How many amazing tutorials do we have here? Have you checked our content?

    It’s all a way to come together and learn with knowledge, on our website there are many tutorials at an easy level that will help a lot to those who are getting started, even if they do not know anything about crochet, will produce amazing tutorials like this standard.

    What will make you learn how to crochet is your persistence, do not give up because it seems difficult, after some time will produce products with your eyes closed.

    It’s easy, just get your hands dirty and collect as much information as possible.

    Enjoy the morning moment, take all your free time, choose basic level lessons and get your hands dirty, take it one at a time and do it little by little.

    You will see that the difficulty lies precisely in the fear that we have to try, and that little by little what seems difficult will become very easy, believe me! Today I create patterns without having to look at the dots.

    So if you want to learn here on our site, you will have this opportunity because we have the best content, tips and information, if you have difficulties, send us an email, I’m sure we will help you in the best way possible.

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    But I took the first step, started crochet as a hobby, after a crisis scenario I asked for my job and found myself without a floor,I was afraid I couldn’t support myself, but I believed that crochet could have an income and with that help me.

    It was then that I did not stop until I could learn, today I continue to follow good mentors who are the designers who share the lessons here with you and I have a huge passion for crochet because in reality it is something that has changed my life.

    So if you want to learn, come to another wonderful tutorial where step by step and all images are designed for the official website, which you can consult today by clicking here.

    Crochet diamond dot check out the tutorial
    Crochet diamond dot check out the tutorial