I am very suspicious when I speak in crochet because I am passionate about the possibilities it has, in today’s tutorial I bring a piece rich in detail that you will fall in love with because, in fact, the model of a blanket or blanket will make the environment cozier and more beautiful.

    What surprises me most about crochet is looking at the piece as it is an understanding that I only need a needle, line, and time to reach that perfection. The tutorial I’m sharing today is beautiful, cheerful, and very tasteful, I started doing my own things, of course, it will take a while to complete this blanket, but I would like to emphasize that it is a very prestigious piece at first glance.

    The manual work itself has a number of amazing advantages and benefits, hardly anyone will have a wonderful job as it is, if you are a craftsman need to invest in this piece for your studio, I advise you to sell it to order.

    As you will take several months to do, depending on the size requested by the customer, this is an easy piece, that is, after knowing that it is the same detail from start to finish.

    But for beginners do not recommend it, because the delay in its finish will make you restless, it is better to start with smaller pieces and grow gradually because what will motivate you to crochet is the fact that you follow the tutorial and complete, enjoy the richness of the piece.

    Now, if you want to build this model for your own use, I can firmly state that it is a beautiful piece and your time investment will be worth it.

    I like to bring different and cheerful tutorials because I believe that you will also have a lot of knowledge and will benefit from everything we bring. The cool thing about these tutorials is that we learn a wealth of detail, knowledge, and knowledge from what we’ve learned.

    When I run this model, I finally learned how to recreate new jobs with the same points. This has broadened my knowledge as an entrepreneur.

    In fact, watching tutorials and sharing the websites of other more experienced designers has added a lot of value to me.

    As I’ve mentioned several times, crochet is a branch of possibilities, the material is cheap, not expensive compared to other businesses, and the return is good.

    You need to be willing, because this is a totally manual job, you can only sell and create, you need to have an entrepreneurial vision for the company, and innovation is the secret of success.

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    I consider crochet a hobby, therapy is a profession because today I take my livelihood from it and am very grateful.

    In fact, the crisis that COVID-19 made me think outside the box.

    Think differently! Have an entrepreneurial vision and grow with it, because everything has changed this year. Even if our relationship with the world, the unemployment rate only increases, we need to keep our livelihood is say more, crochet is indeed a very promising branch, worth betting on in this market.

    Now let’s go for one more tutorial where you’ll learn an amazing blanket/blanket all worked out in well-colored crochet.

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