The pieces themselves all hand crafted in crochet exude beauty, delicacy and sophistication, today I bring a very beautiful tutorial, one of those that make someone in love.

    Flowers are very fashionable nowadays and you can create many things just like carpets, tablecloths, decorative bedspreads and goals that make your home even more beautiful.

    You know those pieces of crochet that are all crocheted in flowers? Today’s tutorial will teach you how to make these patterns so you can let your imagination and creativity go wherever you want, from decorating objects and blankets that decorate environments like the bedroom and living room.

    Carpet tutorial in floral crochet
    Carpet tutorial in floral crochet

    A gift to bet even on carpets, all worked on flowers, the great advantage of this point is that it is good to work with it and can make several and several flowers in a short time.

    The tutorial is quite spectacular because it comes in a video, that is, sit in a quiet and quiet place, get all the necessary material and put in the show.

    The level of simple and easy that even you who is starting in today’s crochet will be able to do, the most beautiful thing of this point is the 3d effect that gives, I was in love, I already produce even some carpets in flowers for my bathroom, it is magical.

    Both colored, and only one color, if they have a studio like me, it is interesting to have them exposed for sale, because I always say that we should invest in fast and easy production models, because we can sell and so buy more material to produce more models.

    To facilitate production, it is very interesting to have 4 pieces of this model on sale in different colors and will have a return beyond the cost.

    Even if you are a crochet beginner it is possible to perform this piece because it is simple to do and delicious to be working in stitches, I found it amazing and decided to share it with you.

    In addition, it is a very cute and versatile piece of decoration, both in the bedrooms, in the living room or even in the bathroom to bet on a piece like this.

    I make colorful patterns that give the charm, after all are flowers, when made in a color just to give the impression of being a carpet of polka dots is also amazing.

    In fact, this is a pattern in which it is worth investing your time and learning. As I always say, it is important that you consult my website for more tutorials that I provide here. This is because all the knowledge, especially for you that you are beginning, is very valid and rewarding, every piece I receive for you brings me different knowledge and skills.

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    Some models that I can already produce without having to post them by tutorial, also makes learning easier.

    The Internet is there to be used to our advantage, if by chance already accessed my site and is reading this tutorial, it is worth looking at others and take a look at everything we bring here.

    It will certainly add a lot of knowledge and will also give you new ideas, both for your hobby and for its manufacture, it is worth checking everything here, I’m sure it will make you even more passionate about crochet.

    I would like to point out that all the content and images of this tutorial are credited on the official website, which you can see today by clicking here.

    Carpet tutorial in floral crochet
    Carpet tutorial in floral crochet