Let’s talk today about a wonderful tutorial of the carpet in half moon crochet, all worked by hand will bring an incredible delicacy to the environment.

    I myself put my hand in the dough is started to make this lindeza, believe me I’m less than a week doing the same direct and almost ending, you will notice that it is a very simple tutorial.

    The points are easy and with that it is quiet you take the piece and do from start to finish, I was not afraid, much less difficulty, because the tutorial is in fact very quiet to be do.

    Carpet in half moon crochet
    Carpet in half moon crochet

    I really liked the ease of the stitches and the finish that give an incredible charm to the environment, the whole hand-crafted piece has a very different delicacy from any other model.

    It is worth checking and putting your hand in the dough and make, this half moon carpet I use at the entrances of my rooms at home and it is a charm, i like striking colors and strong.

    I’m already thinking about making a wine, I love colors focused on Marsala, I also like the grape tone, I believe that a rug in this model will look amazing in any environment.

    The cool thing about the piece is that it is simple and at the same time very sophisticated, my carpet is getting wonderfully beautiful, I hope to make others to exhibit in my atelier.

    I believe it will be an easy piece of output, because in fact it is a very beautiful and very versatile piece, I like these models because it draws a lot of attention from my customers.

    Speaking of the entrepreneurial side, crochet is a very promising growth branch, I like to say this in my tutorials because in fact it is something That I did not see as business value and today is a historical part of my life.

    As I always mention, crochet and a very promising branch be seen with good eyes. When I say with good eyes I always say that the crocheter has to look out of the box, pay attention to the details, focuses on pieces that are different.

    Our audience likes the creative, the more creative, more beautiful, the more amazing and the piece, I always mention it because in fact crochet and something that goes far beyond picking thread and needle and doing.

    I got into this business by chance after an intense scenario of a lot of instability and unemployment, so today I actually want to evolve much more in crochet, because I know how much it has an extremely intense and very promising growth.

    I started crocheting and selling door to door, it wasn’t easy, I had to pick up the pieces I made at dawn and go selling door to door, detail had days i came back without selling anything.

    I turned discouraged, sad, but I knew I couldn’t give up, that I would succeed and today I can tell you with certainty that it was the best step I’ve taken in my life.

    I work in the comfort of my home, without worry and over time I build the confidence i needed from the market. I don’t run after my clients anymore, on the contrary they come after me.

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    They looking for orders and even ready pieces, my atelier was not successful overnight, everything was gradually, you know why I like several tutorials in crochet?

    Exactly because I end up learning by doing and dividing with you, my audience all this versatility, delicacy and sophistication that only crochet provides.

    Carpet in half moon crochet
    Carpet in half moon crochet

    I want to share with you today another amazing tutorial like this that you can check out at the end of this post, I would also like to point out that the content and image credits is intended for the official website that you will check out by clicking here.